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War on birds?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9189points) January 15th, 2009 from iPhone

Now that birds are capable of taking down planes, are we going to spend trillions on a war against them??

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I think we should, they keep shitting on my car.

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Nah, no deaths reported yet.

Oh, but here’s an article

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Oh, it looks like we’ve got our aircraft anti-bird weaponization of jet turbine engines well underway…

Bird vs. Jet Engine

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Maybe if they had bombs attached to them.

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They are reporting that everyone made it out okay. Which is damn impressive even for a controlled crash as it was onto a river.

Also, I thought the war on birds was known as the holiday season.

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Ladies and gentlemen war is upon us, the first shots have already been fired!! Quick, to the BB guns!

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You think that someone would be smart enough like make a cage or something to put around the engines, but then again that would prevent us from a war and god forrbid we live in a world with no wars. :0

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lol you can’t just put a cage on the front of a jet engine, it will either be too big to stop birds from being sucked in to begin with or block too much air from passing through the turbines.

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no like just heavy duty chicken wire or something more scientific

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lol, i don’t think chicken wire would do much at 500mph

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ya i know i dont mean actual chicken wire but the same concept.

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The Birds have WMDs! We must invade NOW!

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They actually just make the engines strong enough to withstand a bird. Um, in this card there were apparently a few birds.

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I learned a great word today! What do you call the remains of birds who take on planes and lose? SNARGE.

Isn’t that a great word? I’m going to use that as an insult from now on!

“Bite me, you worthless piece of SNARGE!

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damn birds and their innately evil understanding of physics:

“a 4-pound bird exerts more than 6 tons of force if hit by a plane traveling 200 mph—some geese weigh up to 15 pounds.”

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@robmandu First its physics, next it will be biology or nuclear physics… maybe the bird WMD’s aren’t so far away as we thought!

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