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What kind of coat do I need?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) January 15th, 2009

I’m in the midwest, where winter temperatures range from about -5 to maybe 40 on a good day. I desperately need to buy a new coat – the one I have is a cheap polyester/wool blend that’s thin and definitely does not do the job. But I am totally lost as to what kind of coat to buy. (I’m used to warmer temperatures.)

Should I just go with a good quality wool coat? They seem the most stylish. Or is a faux shearling warmer? Maybe a puffer? I honestly don’t know which one would be warmest and I would preferably like one that is around knee length but doesn’t make me look like a huge blob. And I’d like to spend less than $100.


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I travel to VERY cold climates and I love my wool pea coat. It is mid thigh length and double breasted. They have been around for years and you can get a nice one from an Army Navy surplus store. I got mine there and it is great. The best part about it is you can layer sweaters underneath it or just wear it on warmer days with a t-shirt.

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I’m originally from the upper midwest. Lands’ End, Lands End, Lands’ End! I have wool coats and a vintage shearling and fancy car coats and leather coats. My main winter coat? A boys’ size Lands’ End parka in red.

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Honestly if you want a coat that does the job get a Carhartt. Most the people who work outside go with that coat for a reason, its heavy, durable, keeps you warm and it just does the job. I have a black one so it doesn’t look tacky or anything like I just got done working some where.

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I’d definitely plug Carhartt as well they make tough clothes. My alternative perspective would be to go the more “technical” route. The best way to stay warm in cold weather is to layer, so if you layer well you don’t necessarily need a huge “puffy jacket” to stay comfy. Get some decent thermal undies if you don’t have any, though I bet you do, get a nice fleece jacket and then on top a decent waterproof Gore-tex shell, that route also comes with style points if you’re worried about that.

Another option, as missingbite mentioned he likes his peacoat and you expressed interest in a wool coat: check out a thrift store, I picked up a really nice wool coat that I’ve been using this winter for my ventures downtown at a thrift store for an obscenely low price.

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I second Lands’ End. I personally like the Sport Squall for everyday. Warm as hell, but not puffy at all. It’s fleece lined, so comfy, too. They have longer ‘commuter coats’ and car coats, too. They list the temperature ranges each coat is good for, which is really helpful.

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Hello midwesterner!! Up here in Minnesota, land of the ice and frozen tities, a famous company has met your needs. 3M.
They’ve got “Thinsulate” an artificial technically match to natural down, duck down. If under $100 bills is what you’ve got, try and check out the parkas with “thinsulate” linings. Cheap, warm, stylish and wearable. It’s more available than one might think. If that dosen’t warm your pits, then do the “Down”. Polyester, Wool, etc., never worked for me. Do the down or thinsulate. The thickerer the better. “Share the Warmth!!

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vanslonski – Does 3M have a website?

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I like my Carhartt coat but I have never seen a knee length one.

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3M doesn’t make coats, just the insulation used in coats. You’ll find many coats insulated with Thinsulate on the market (including some at Lands’ End).

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Im not sure if the 3M is spam or an extremely happy customer.

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I’m in Chicago, helllllo. I say a good quality wool coat is a fine choice and certainly looks very stylish. But for nights like tonight, when we’re expected to hit -30 with wind chill, nothing can beat a puffer coat for heat. Oh. My. Goodness. My puffer coat is the warmest thing on the face of the earth. No layers necessary, no lie. It’s too warm for some of winter though.

So since you probably only want to get one coat, I would get a stylish wool coat with room for layers and layer appropriately.

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In case any one is wondering, I bought a long down coat from Land’s End today – it has princess seams and a tailored shape, and looks really really warm. On sale for $90, yay!

Thanks for all the help, guys.

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Sounds like a good choice! Enjoy and now you can stay warm!

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