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Where will you be january 20th?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7804points) January 15th, 2009

i put in for this day off way back in november. planning an inauguration day brunch actually. wish i could be there. by the way, why is the inauguration held outside in the middle of winter anyway. oh well. where will you be? you have any plans?

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Following this thread..

Sorry, charlie, too good to pass up. :^)

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wow, had no clue. moderators, please feel free to obliterate.

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Lurve for obliterate.

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ditto on the lurve

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my bad, my fellow flutheren. i missed that question actually, so hats off to those who think like me in the collective.

i’ll be serving omelets and champagne for brunch if it matters at my mother’s house.

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I’ll still be at the Rotary meeting, for what it’s worth. Bored absoflutely shitless, too.

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fluther SUB-QUESTION: why is inauguration outside in the dead of winter? i remember reagan had to be sworn inside one january due to inclement weather.

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The Inauguration used to be in March (I believe) waaaay back when it took people a long time to travel.

Once this was no longer an issue, it was moved up to January to decrease the lame duck period and get things going for the new administration.

January = tough luck on the weather in Washington DC

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Unfortunately, I have to work so I’ll have to listen to the inaugeration on the radio. I do plan on going out and celebrating that evening, though. I’ll be celebrating both the beginning of the Obama administration and the fact the Bush and his henchmen are finally gone.

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you go, chuck! or as they say in my hood, “you go, boy!” in other words: i dig your enthusiasm! always good to hear your comments! much lurve…

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Mostly home, following the action on TV.

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I haven’t decided. I won’t be in school, that’s for sure. I might go to DC, but I’m not sure how much chaos I want to deal with. There will be parties here at home. Or, since it’s basically a four day weekend (no school for Martin Luther King Day, and no one is going to school on Inauguration Day) I might go upstate to my Grandpa’s for a few nights.

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I shall be at work….although I hear there’s a big screen projection held near work. Maybe I’ll join?

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Well, you joined Fluther, so that’s a pretty effing good indication.

Dooooo it.

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Home, watching happily on TV. My kids, who attend school in Maryland, have the day off school so they can watch, too.

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