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How do I get rid of ants in my laptop?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14721points) January 15th, 2009

I have no idea where they came from—they aren’t in the rest of the room, but I’ve seen four ants crawl out of my laptop today. How can I get rid of any that may be left and what can I do to prevent this in the future?

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Wow, are you in the top end of Australia??? We just had a G5 Mac do a flaming burnout because of the bloody ants! Have also seen them crawl out of the laptop. When I noticed it I quickly sprayed all around it and even sprayed on a papertowel and wiped down the laptop itself. Then put a DVD into it to play because that always heats it up, soon they came pouring out of the USB and power port. Now I just spray the desk top periodically, hate the smell, but is working so far.

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Debugging program? (Ba-dum-dum)

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@rooeytoo : It looks like you had an ant infestation inside your laptop!!
Maybe your poured something sweet on your laptop and the ants followed the smell… I think rooeytoo’s answer is a pretty good one

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The only thing I’ve found to work against ants is this liquid bait called Terro. You put a blob of it on a piece of card paper next to their trail. They carry drops back to their hive and nuke everyone back home, including the queen. :)

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There wasn’t a trail is the thing. Just a few ants. And every so often another pops out… but no trail.

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Ants are attracted to electronics… i have also experienced this… i just turned off my laptop and removed the batteries then let it rest for a few hours…

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Maybe you should stop eating overthe keyboard while surfing!

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@Cardinal: Unlikely. It’s less while surfing and more while working (usually writing).

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It’s time to visit the local zoo, I’m sure they have some wee animal thingy that will suck them all out for you…

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Google this: hubpages Getting-rid-of-laptop-ants

there’s an article with a poison-free overnight solution. It worked for me.

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i had this problem with my super nintendo controller, it was very strange, the controller was an off brand one and it was left sitting next to one of the name brand ones but the off brand one was the only one that got infested, and nothing else around had ants in it. there must have been over 1000 tiny ants in the thing and i have no idea why because i took it apart and there didn’t appear to be anything spilled into the controller. my solution was to put the controller into a ziplock bag and spray raid into the bag (not too much) to suffocate all the ants that came out and then i took the controller apart and thoroughly sprayed the rest of the buttons and the front and back plates with raid and then soaked all of the pieces (except the circuit board) in a sink of bleach and water. worked good, (not suggesting you do the same with your laptop) I’m posting this because i too am finding small ants starting to crawl out of my macbook unexplicably all of a sudden, i must have left it in the wrong spot one night.

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