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Have you used Dreamhost before?

Asked by soysaucestar (13points) January 15th, 2009

What do you think about it in terms of value for your money? The quality of the service and web hosting?

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I used them I think three years ago and I hated every minute of it. I do however understand that my experience with them was not in line with their typical service. I hear good things about them but with what happened to me, I’m hesitant to give them another shot. A friend has been using them since then and has been very satisfied.

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I use them. I think they are pretty good. Basically, for personal stuff or a non-commercial blog I’d have no problem recommending them. I have experienced some downtime and mail unavailability, but nothing for too long or that inconvenienced me too bad. However, I also have a pretty big Rails site that was completely Bushed by Dreamhost upgrading their Rails install without telling anyone. For a Rails install, I’d look elsewhere.

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The best thing I like about DreamHost is that they seem to have a pretty good support for Python.

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I have used Dreamhost for years; they do a good job for amateur work and their rewards program makes their service very affordable. I have never had any trouble with downtime or anything else. The staff has helped me on a number of occasions. Overall, it’s a very good service.

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personally I hated their control panel for hosted webspace. I found 1and1 to be less expensive and has a great control panel. If you decide to go with them, let me know and Ill give you a discount link

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Do they have good support for Python and CGI?

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