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Any good ways to make a pipe in a pinch or other ways to smoke?

Asked by buster (10222points) January 15th, 2009

Tennesseejac’s question got me thinking. What to do when you have no pipes or papers? I have taken the foil out of a cigarette pack and wrapped it around an inkpen shiny side in. Then i twist one end of it and have a ghetto chillum. Bible paper works too preferably a blank one in the back.

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When I was about 13 I was alone at home without a lighter and I had to smoke a bowl with a candle that I lit off of a paper towel that I lit off of an electric stove. I’m sure it was some kind of crappy homeade bowl. I have done the apple and almost did it again today.

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With a piece of foil with little holes poked into it set into a hole carved through any firm piece of fruit or vegetable works well, same with a toilet paper roll, film canister, plastic bottle or a can..

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Love the Bible commet!

I usually chug a soda, or other can contained beverage that’s close by, or if I wanna go all out I’ll use an apple.

But more recently with this 5 gum coming out I can work it enough to get the foil off in class then save the rice, or whatever it’s made out of, paper in my wallet for later. I usually put the blue or green paper on a desk leg because for one reason or another it sticks with a vengeance to them.

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Aww…stoner art. I totally did the Bible paper in high school.

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Oh yeah often times your kitchen or bathroom sink will have a screen in the faucet where the water comes out. You can stick a knife in there and pop that dude out. They look just like the ones they sell at the headshops.

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Emptying out a cig and filling it with weed is always good to do in a pinch.

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Be honest. Did Pete put you up to asking this question?

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@buster : i have used all of the screens from every faucet in my house. it works like a charm. now the screen door to my house is in use

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@tennesseejac me too and everywhere else ive lived! I poured half pound of herb on a window screen and shook it all over the top of a ping pong table then kiffed it up one time,

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Is that like the time you made a hookah with an old pool table, 6 funnels, and some surgical tubing? Dude, that was one awesome week. I still can’t eat Cheetos anymore. :^>

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LOL cyndhh. I did make a gravity bong with a road cone with a aluminum foil bowl and big trashcan full of water for a party when i was younger.

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Two words: hot knives.

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I’ve seen all sorts of really creative things come from people who are similarly motivated. :^>

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Fruits and vegetables was always my best bet in a pinch. I have smoked out of/off of cans, plastic bottle bongs, pens, emptied cigarettes, and some pretty creative homemade pipes ( I just don’t always remember what they were made of… :/ )

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That means it worked.

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drugs are bad mk?

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@cyndyh: Exactly :) Those are the best times.

@qualitycontrol: oh, puhshaw.

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Avoid tin foil, really. Potatoes, apples, and bible papers work well.

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