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Does anyone else get the distinct impression that the "Fluther Auto Complimenter" is actually sentient and quite possibly wants to jump your bones?

Asked by Jamspoon (1416points) January 16th, 2009

I mean really… It’s spooky sometimes.

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It did. I left my computer running last night… It was horrible.

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All the damn time!

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Dr. J is eyeballing me as well… I mean, he never blinks, and that smile…. <shudder>

I feel dirty…

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Who says it’s automatic? Why do you think I never get anything done?

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One can always hope. My PC never wants to do it anymore. All my friends get some from thiers but not me noooooo.
I leave it on. I say insinuative things to it. I’ve shown it my ass as I’ve walked away. Yet still I get nothing. If it keeps this up I may go buy a Mac. We’ll see who’s laughing then.

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@Sakata Should have mentioned, mine was a Mac. They don’t call it a Mighty Mouse for nothing.

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I just realized a few weeks ago that the messages change depending on how much lurve you have. I was tipped off by seeing a screenshot of a long standing member with high lurve, who had the flavour text along the lines of “The restraining order wasn’t a joke.” And now that I’m paying more attention to it, I can see the new ones for myself! How fun!

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@dynamicduo: That’s awesome! I didn’t realize. I guess that explains why it hasn’t had my milkshake in so long.

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It asked me out for coffee yesterday, but I already had something planned. It didn’t waste any time, did it?

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@dynamicduo Actually it doesn’t change, johnpowell just likes to make mockups. Though that’s not a bad idea…

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Oh, I was so sure it did change! I thought I had noticed some new slogans, but I guess I’m just not that observant to have noticed when they first occurred. I do admit I thought the (nonexistent) feature was a neat idea, and filed it under U for Useful for my own web development pursuits in the future.

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@andrew – I´m expecting that feature!

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Haha! I didn’t even see this. I asked a similar question.

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My desk is a mess, too!

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Leave it alone, I’ve got a thing going with it!

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