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Were you a Fluther member before it was a web app for iPhone/iPod Touch?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) January 16th, 2009 from iPhone

I discovered this site on the web apps page of apple.. Didn’t knew it was already a PC/Mac site.. How about you?

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I came across it from other people mentioning, after it was already a webapp but introduced through the normal interface. Didn’t realise there was a proper iPhone interface… Bang goes my remaining time.

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I came across it on another question site. I found out about the iPhone app later.

Edited to answer the question: But no, I was not a member pre-app.

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Yes I was. I found Fluther from the dock icon on the Fluid website.

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Yup – my son’s friends started it.

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I knew Fluther before it was an iPhone web app, but after Fluid was released (at which point, any site was able to have an icon in the Dock.)

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Yep. I was a member before they had this fancy-shmancy lay out and before the brainchild of Steve Jobs was even conceived.

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Yes. Family discount.

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No, I discovered it on Apple webapps too!

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Ben’s mammy told me early.

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Yes, barely.

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I joined after, but don’t own an iPhone. I happened upon it by other means.

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