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when is the next version of the iPhone going to be released?

Asked by ezraglenn (3497points) September 25th, 2007

guesses are welcome. I’m waiting to renew my cellphone contract, which I wont do it they are releasing on in say, February (which is when they announced the first one).

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Apple promised a 3G phone for 2008. They didn’t say much else as far as battery life, etc. I know that was a concern for the first and current model, in addition to 3G’s coverage area.

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The Macworld Expo is in January or something, right? That would seem like an appropriate time to release it, I think.

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Ehh i dont think they would release it at the macworld expo seeing as how that would only be about 6 months since the iPhone (1gen) came out. at first i thought they might announce a new one coming, but that would kill sales for 1st gen iPhone, so they probably wouldnt announce the next one until it was ready for sale.
so i guess my short answer is probably not january, but other than that, who knows (other than steve ;] )

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The iPod was release in November 2001, with its first update coming in March 2002, and the Second Generation arriving in July 2002. That’s only about eight months, and there was less demand for a new ipod at the time.

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I would say we can expect the same iPhone but with 16 gigs at MacWorld. The iPhone Touch has 16 gigs onboard and it would seem like an obvious next step. But that will probably be a minor update and I can’t see them adding any major new features in January. If they put a major update on iPhone in january that would be two face slaps in a 6 month period (first being the $200 price drop).

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hah, thats a pretty good point. Hopefully there will be the addition of ichat to it’s built in programs, too.

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True… chat would be nice (go figure). Browser based solutions are ok but can’t beat native app. I’d really like to see built in apps like mail, chat, notepad etc work in landscape too. Typing in landscape is soooo much faster and much more accurate.

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