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The "Live preview feature" has stopped working and so did the "Nickname auto-completion" thing too, anyone knows why?_?

Asked by archaeopteryx (873points) January 16th, 2009

The “Live message preview” feature used to be working perfectly with me yesterday, but today, it just never appears at all!

And also, the “Nickname auto-completion” thing that pops up when you type the ”@” character with a certain letter next it, it used work with me but now it just never works, what’s wrong?

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Hmm, the live preview is working but, @archaeopteryx, the @ thing doesn’t work. Possibly some updates taking the ‘non-essential’ ajaxy scripts down for a bit?

UPDATE: The @ thing did work when I tried a second reply but it only lists commenters in the thread (I realise it’s standard behaviour now, I’m new).

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Oh, I’m new too, they used to work perfectly now, but what’s wrong with them now, I have no idea.

Probably there are some maintenance works going on, like you said.
Thanks a lot, though. :-)

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No worries. The other possibility is on the client-side. Have you changed browser/computer or disabled javascript since you used it before?

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Okay… What browser (and version) and OS are you using?

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Firefox 3 and Ubuntu 8.10

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@archaeopteryx Well, Firefox 3 shouldn’t have any issues at all with this sort of thing. If it’s still not working maybe try clear the cache…?

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Great! Clearing the cache fixed it!

Thanks a bunch! :-)

But what’s was the problem? I mean what does the cache have to with this?

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It’s possible that when the cache was refreshed, the javascript files didn’t load completely or correctly so when you revisited the page, the cached and corrupt versions were loaded. Clearing the cache forced the page to be completely reloaded from source so the javascript was loaded again and this time correctly.

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I just tried to answer a question, and the live preview worked like a champ. OTOH, I tried to delete a word in the preview instead of the composing box, and the whole blamed answer went away. Live preview is working as I type this, BTW.

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