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How do you browse quockly with gadget-laden browsers?

Asked by mor10 (1points) January 16th, 2009
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< < Firefox takes over a minute to start up for me. Wugh.

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I have 16 extensions running, but they’re all lightweight tweaks, mostly. I would be happy with just Chromifox theme and AdBlock plus, I think.

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Every once in a while I go in and disable all the junk, then turn it back on if I need it. Junk that remain disabled over several cycles get uninstalled.

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/use [Google Chrome].

ignore the reference to world of warcraft.

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I used Chrome for a while, but some bizarre “Error 6” when trying to install v1.0 turned me off of it. Also, I couldn’t imagine browsing without FlashBlock, AdBlock, and Foxmarks. Firefox is just too sexy.

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I remove the gadgets.

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