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What do you use Fluid/Prism/Other SSBs for?

Asked by johanspun (139points) January 16th, 2009

What do you use Site Specific Browsers for? Any webapps that really need their own browser?

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I´m using it for my email. Basically, when I open Firefox I have it set to open my tabs from the previous time. That, and a crapload of extensions, means that Firefox takes a while to load and is generally slower than Prism, so I use Prism to start reading my email while Firefox is starting up.

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I use Fluid for Hahlo, Pandora, Fluther, Blogger, and Google Docs. I converted the Hahlo SSB into a Menu Extra, but in my opinion Hahlo sucks lol4rl.

None of them need a SSB in my situation (plus I don’t care about having four tabs open), which is why many times I stop using them for a while. I think they’re really sweet, though, and that’s why I keep them.

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Campfire and Gmail. GDocs is a smart idea though…

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