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Movie/tv show Pitch Question?

Asked by windex (2926points) January 16th, 2009

When you do a pitch, do you given them anything? and/or have to have anything? Ex. Script/storyborads/character sheets etc?

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Your question is not clear enough for us to give you specific help, I think. Do you have a pitch meeting coming up? If so, can’t you call his/her office and find out from the assistant? You want to pitch a cartoon show? Please clarify.

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You will usually want to have something to at least demonstrate your concept and ideas. A storyboard, script, illustrations, etc. are all good options. Mostly you will want to be completely prepared for the “interview.”

As far as I know at least

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@aprilsimnel sorry, =)

what I mean is that if you pitch an idea… basically do a presentation (show concepts, samples etc.) will you have to Physically Hand them anything?

Do you have to have an actual script to hand over? (or something…)

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I was in production, not development, but I think this might be what you’re looking for in terms of information for your specific genre.

As far as I know generally, you will to have sent a synopsis and treatment for your idea beforehand through an agent. It is very rare that producers let people pitch to them who haven’t vetted by someone they know and trust. Also, you can’t just send ideas to a production company or network. They have to protect themselves from lawsuits, so they will not accept unsolicited work.

Perhaps when you read the link I put above, you could send an email introducing yourself to the blogger. Making connections who can help you (and that you can help in the future) is the hardest part of the whole process.

Good luck! :D

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@aprilsimnel: tnx, at first I thought the blogger was being sarcastic… but I guess not
I’m almost done reading all the other articles also. Looks very interesting.

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Huh? I like movies.

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