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how much should a graphic designer request for hourly pay?

Asked by chadwithuhc (13points) September 26th, 2007 from iPhone

if youre a graphic designer, no degree, first time working for a web company, what would you expect to be paid.

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In my opinion if you know your stuff then it doesn’t matter if you have no degree. This profession was built on those just like you.

Depending where you are an entry level Graphic Designer w/degree can make from 26,000 to 32,000. I wouldn’t expect much less than that for one with out a degree. Designers get shafted on pay no matter what so don’t budge to far or you’ll be expected to budge the rest of your career.

The only thing that is different between a Designer with a degree and one without is that the Designer without will need to have a stronger portfolio to show then a just graduated one. That and maybe a entry level designer with a degree might have more in house experience than one without.

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You are better off going freelance (at first). Then you can get a taste of the industry you are in, and make your future decisions from there. And when you go freelance, it will also give you an opportunity to create a good portfolio if you do wish to work for a company.

It’s hard to determine how much you would get paid hourly, since minimum wage varies throughout the country, but I would guess $15—$20 /hr. With a degree, it would be much different…and remember, it’s never too late to get a degree.

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i charge $15/hour for friends and $30/hour for general business. i don’t have a graphic design degree either.

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Here are some hard numbers on what designers are making nationally (link). I think having a degree is becoming less relevant, but education is always important whether through a school, internship or being self-taught. Experience and your portfolio are what will command higher salaries or hourly rates. Hope this survey (download the 2007 one) helps:

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