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What are your most memorable myths from childhood.

Asked by Aethelwine (42958points) January 16th, 2009 from iPhone

Example: If you keep making that face, it’s going to stay that way!

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Something about growing hair on your palm if you kept . . . .

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It takes 7 years to digest gum if you swallow it…..

If you sit too close to the TV you will hurt your eyes…..

If you swim after eating you could drown…..

If you go outside w/ wet hair in the winter you will catch a cold….

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if you do it too much youll go blind

and my parents wonder why my vision sucks

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I was always afraid people could see me peeing in the pool because “the dye in the water makes it turn bright red”. Luckily, No one ever noticed because that is BS

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LOL JC, my mom told me that one too!!!! Only purple.

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There were two things my Mom used to tell my brother and I when we were kids. she told my brother not to play so rough or he would break his neck, and she told him to stop punching me in the stomach when we fought or I would not be able to have kids.

Both turned out to be true! He broke his neck in 1984, and lived 20 years as a quadrapeligic until complications led to sepsis and his death in 2004.

I had one child, and later had a miscarriage. The doctors told me I would never agian be able to carry a pregnancy full term.

Isn’t that the weirdest thing? It’s almost as if her words cursed us!!

Also, whenever my Mom didn’t want us to do something, she would invent a cousin who died from it! for example, we brought home a nest of baby bunnies whose mother was killer by a lawnmower. She said we had a cousin who died of “rabbit fever” so we couldn’t keep them. pfft!!

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If you lose your virginity, there will not be a man on earth who will be willing to marry you.
(this myth made for a very painful honeymoon)

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Mikey ate Pop Rocks, and then he drank a Coke, and THEN HE DIED!

Rod Stewart had to get his stomach pumped! For reasons no one wants to explain to me!

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If you pick your nose your face will cave in!

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Spinich will make your muscles grow.
Brussel sprouts put hair on your chest.

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My Dad told me eating veggies would put lead in my pencil, then he would laugh when I told him the pencils already had lead in them when I bought them.

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We’d get stomach cramps and drown if we didn’t wait for an hour after eating and before swimming.

If we swallowed cherry pits, a tree would grow some where inside of us.

If I shaved my legs before my 13th birthday, something unspeakably horrible was going to happen.

If I read under the covers with a flashlight, I would develop worse nearsightedness.

If my little brother were a good person, he’d let my parents deliver his blankie to a needier child in India, or was it China. (I learned that only last week from his widow.)

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They told my sisters; If you lose your virginity, there will not be a man on earth who will be willing to marry you. You could hear a pin drop when one sister mumbled “oops”

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I’m glad to hear some other girls were subjected to such pressure, not just me. Funny that the “advice” came too late for one sister. And I am sure she grew up just fine, right?

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I thought my Dad really did have my nose!!!

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if you build it, they will come…

problem is, i dono how to get them to leave

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Richard Gere had to have a gerbil removed from his ass.


‘This won’t hurt a bit.’

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@gailcalled, when I worked for the podiatrist, we treated patients at a nursing home twice a month. We took a portable foot bath for them to soak in before the doctor saw them. One day right after lunch, an elderly woman refused to put her feet in the tub.

The nurse came to me and told me she was being stubborn. I asked her why she didn’t want to cooperate, and she said she never tocuhes water after eating. I thought for a minute, and remembered the old wives tale about swimming. I asked her if that was why she didn’t want to soak and she said yes! I explained that the belief was for swimming, not just getting wet, so she reluctantly put her feet into the tub.

All those years, she wouldn’t even so much as wash her hands for an hour after eating, but she didn’t know the reason why..ha ha!! She was a very superstious woman, and thought there was some type of curse associated with this practice!~

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@augustlan Maybe not Richard Gere. But my sister used to work in the ER
and she said you’d be surprised at how many people actually do come in
with that very erm…predicament.

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This has been very entertaining everyone, thank you!

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