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How often do you stop following a question?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8273points) January 16th, 2009

I’ve noticed that I rarely go to the trouble of clicking the “stop following” button because most threads just die naturally on their own. Do any of you stop following questions? I am now “following” hundreds of questions, it’s just that the vast majority of them have stopped having any activity.

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Yeah the ones that don’t matter much I stop following. Once they die of course. The others that are dead that I like and enjoyed, well I think I have this weird faith in them like they’re gonna come back to life so I leave em >.<

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Same here.

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after a while people start having private messages back & forth, then I’m out of there…

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Anything with a definitive answer that’s already been given (if there isn’t anything fun going on in there). That’s about it I guess.

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I tend to forget and allow my “Activity for you” build up…

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If I answer with something that I don’t think anyone will respond to me about, then I stop following. If I say something that I think someone will argue with or @ me, then I’ll follow it.

A few times I’ll like a question as soon as someone asks it, but not know the answer, and follow it because I want to see everyone’s answers. As soon as I see a few answers, I stop following.

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nunca. i puede ir toda la noche.

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When I have said all I want to say

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Only when I get annoyed by the new posts coming in, whether the question is recent or not.

Otherwise, I stay. I wouldn’t want to miss anything good.

Even when I’m not on Fluther regularly, like recently, I’ll still check new activity on old questions every day.

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I rarely stop following. I feel like if we’re going to get on people for asking a question that was asked a year ago (or months ago or whatever) then there should be some way for the question -that I was once interested in— to come back up.

I mean, suppose you’re new here and you see that someone has already asked about your favorite bands or guitarists. You do the due diligence thing and don’t ask the question again but hop onto this really old thread and write about a guitarist that a couple of people have mentioned but not many people seem to be familiar with, etc. It’s actually a great answer. And you think, “Cool, there are guitar lovers here! This is a cool discussion! I’m gonna like it here!” And you know when the question was asked, but you don’t really know how spaced out in time the answers have been. You don’t really know if the discussion’s over or not. Then it seems like you’re being ignored.

So, say you figure you’ll ask the question again fresh because maybe it’s old and people have stopped following it and some of those people aren’t around anymore and you’d like to hear what newer people think about this question. And what do you get? Somebody or another will post a link to the question they’ve already answered and ignore you all over again.

I’m not trying to get on anyone’s case who’ve done this. Sometimes it’s completely appropriate, but sometimes it’s not. It’s just not very welcoming.

I still follow questions so when I see someone chiming in late in the game they can get at least some response. The only time I have actually stopped following was when the question degenerated to talk of fictional creatures being discussed like they’re real and threats so often that the “removed by the moderators” stamp started coming up often.

I know. I have entirely too many thoughts.

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Mayn 5% of the time. Usually when things get inane, or I lose interest.

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For the most part, I only follow my questions. I haven’t gone through to clean the really old pages, but I will, eventually.

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When I lose interest, or they get too old for me to care about anymore.

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I normally stop following the post after the responses become so small, and so insignificant that it would have made no difference if I had read it or not. Generally, there is a burst of good answers that have meaning. And after so many, the responses will dwindle down to little or no content, at which moment I begin to search for the “stop following” link.

I like to think of all the comments for each question on a line graph…the line shoots up really fast…and will begin a decline coming to my ultimate decision to not care what anyone has to say on the topic anymore.

Though, there are some exceptions in which the topic is never going to lose that little bit that keeps me interested in what people have to say indefinitely. I’m sorry Tits, but this is not one of those =P but a good question non the less.

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I used to not care, but now that’s I’ve answered 1500+ questions I have 50 new activities every day on average. Because so that I’ve begun to be more diligent about dropping questions. I just can’t keep up with this stuff. Sometimes it gets to the point that I spend all my Fluther time catching up and not answering new stuff.

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When people start to mutilate foreign languages.

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Also when there is flat-footed flirting, repetitive coyness, sentences without beginning or end, miles of unbroken text, verbalization of gestures, facial expressions, and emotions, and the unending saga of boyfriends and girlfriends.

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@gailcalled: Whoa now now, I have one of those boyfriend questions… I thought it was a pretty good discussion though! (Though it was quite long and involved…)

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I was speaking only for myself, remember?

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I was just jooooooking :)

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I stop following when the noise-to-signal ratio shifts to noise. I can follow that stuff on weekends if I have to, but my weekdays are busy and I hate the way I habitually refresh and see “Activity For You (1 new)” and it’s someone just saying “LOL” or something. If I dutifully “stop following” as a question begins to descend to the chatter level, I can save myself a lot of time and trouble.

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@Tits; Lots of people enjoyed answering your question about relationship imbroglio. That’s all that matters.

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@gailcalled: Very true. And the answers were endlessly helpful, of course. This is why fluther makes me feel warm and fuzzy, mmhmm, mmhmm.

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More, now that you’ve asked this question.

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@daloon Glad to see your old avatar back.

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I am following so many that I can’t even get to the last page >.>
I am starting to delete questions I am not interested in when someone posts something new.

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I’m not following this one as of….now.

…nothing personal. :)

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SNIFF. I’m almost insulted, but I guess you’ll never see that I am so… I guess I’ll be okay then. :P

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I left this window open!
lurk lurk

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@asmonet: I knew you love me!

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I’ve stopped following one question, when the diatribes began to get repetitive and uninteresting. Other than that, I follow them all.

I find it refreshing when newer members join one of those forgotten dialogues, and “spark it up” again.

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I only stop if something is pissing me off so much that it popping up with a new response six months from now will upset me all over again. I currently have 105 new activities glaring at me. Some are pretty old, as I just haven’t bothered to read them.

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