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What are redwings?

Asked by jdogg (871points) January 17th, 2009

My friend told me to ask and I have know idea what they are? If its something stupid let me know…

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In the real world it’s a hockey team and a shoe brand.
In teenage boy world it’s something stupid.
Sorry, kid.

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oh my God!!!

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sorry that I asked this question…

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Oh lord allie. Maybe getting old and losing touch with the kids lingo is a good thing.

edit :: and having a mustache should really be included as a requirement for gaining your “redwings”.

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Boots or a type of wee bird.

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@judochop & Simone

OK…..I still don’t understand ROFLCOPTOR

Huh? What does it mean? Really?

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It’s nothing, it’s stupid.

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Yeah, Allie got it, but I just have to say that

roflcoptor < lollerskates < lolocaust

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Roflcoptering is roll on the floor laughing while also spinning in circles, much like the Curly shuffle.

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I have mine.

I can’t believe I typed that

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@Sueanne_Tremendous: Brown Chicken Brown Cow!!!

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Fluther: teaching the masses about redwings and roflcopters. On the same thread.

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redwing was also a famous brand of crockware back in the day.

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also a type of blackbird

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Chicken wings w/ Red Devil Hot Sauce…Duh

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