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Does your nose constantly appear in your peripheral vision?

Asked by Magnus (2879points) January 17th, 2009 from iPhone

Mine does, except when I’m looking straight up.
I have a big nose.

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And now, it’s annoying.

Thanks a million.

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what ^ said. Ugh.

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Only when I’m thinking about it…..

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What poofandmook said….

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yes, but how strange would the world look without it?

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Occasionally, I don’t notice it too often. Usually when I look down or to the side it becomes more obvious. I have a medium sized nose. :)

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Yes! and it charges me royalties and I have put it in the title credits!

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Oh great!! Now Poof’s nose is in my peripheral vision, and the glare of her sparkling diamond nose stud is blinding me. I will think of this thread for the next three hours while wearing my sun glasses!! Then I can punch out, and go home where my own nose will annoy me for the rest of the day.

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No. It’s too small to see peripherally. I must cross my eyes and look down. I have a dainty button nose. ::giggle!::

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Yes it does…but I’ve learned to live with that giant right triangle on my face.

:^) <it’s why my smiley looks like this.

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Yes it does. It’s the bane of my existence… well, that and the cancer.

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