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What type of cable connection should I use to hook up my Apple TV to a Panasonic Plasma TV?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) September 26th, 2007

Apple TV has an HDMI output. My Panasonic TV accepts, DVI and Component inputs. Which converter should I use? The HDMI-to-DVI, or, the HDMI-Component? Which results in better audio/video quality?


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Component splits the signal to much.

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component is analog

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HDMI to HDMI. Hands down. It’s an all-digital transfer of both audio and video. If you go with HDMI to DVI, that only carries the video signal, no audio, and you’ll have to use regular audio cables (the red and white ones—analog) to carry your audio.

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Another vote for HDMI-Component. It’s more expensive, but as you add devices to your home theater setup, you’ll be grateful for the reduced number of cables!

By the way, how does Apple TV content look on a hi-def screen? I’m skeptical of the extremely negative reports I hear from critics, and would like to hear from an actual consumer. Thanks!

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I decided to go with the HDMI to DVI and am pretty happy with the quality.

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It looks great. definitely could tell a difference..

HDMI > HDMI..less cables. more bandwidth—better connection

and I got my HDMI for $8 on :D

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