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Wicketpixie Drop downs?

Asked by justin5824 (196points) January 17th, 2009

How can I add another drop down for the topbar with my own links that functions like the subscriptions.

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Is there anywhere that has the theme in action? I might be able to deconstruct it for you if I can get to it.

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Well, if you go to
you can see the founders site. Also see

An a install quide here

PS You might want to take a look at this

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Right, bit of a lot to do here. We’ll see how this box copes…

For all the bits of code, replace ‘newTopSection’ with the name of the section you want to add.

Add the link to the topbar:

<div id=“topbar-inner”>
    <li id=“topbar-subscribe”><a href=”#”>Subscribe</a></li>
    <li id=“topbar-newTopSection”><a href=”#”>New Top Section</a></li>

Add the actual menu box thing

<div id=“newTopSection”>
  Whatever code you want in here

The we get much closer to the bottom and the following to a new line above the </body> tag.

<script type=“text/javascript”>
  $(document).ready(function() {
    $(”#topbar-newTopSection a”).toggle(
      function () { $(”#newTopSection”).animate({ height: “show”, duration: 700, easing:“easeInQuad”});
      return false;
      function () { $(”#newTopSection”).animate({ height: “hide”, duration: 700, easing:“easeOutQuad”});
      return false;

Then open up ‘themes/wicketpixie/css/screen.css” and add the following to the end:

#newTopSection {
  position: fixed;
  margin: -1px 0 0 -383px;

Find the line that says ’#subscribe, #share’ and add ’, #newTopSection’. Then you can add any styling you need for the content of that box as well.

That should do the trick.

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WELL, im going to give it a try…. feed back to folow

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