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What is the best thing ever?

Asked by Elumas (3167points) January 17th, 2009

It can be anything, what is your opinion is THE best thing ever?

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A good BM in the morning.

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whoa TMI but funny…

I’d say a piece of dark chocolate (very bitter – 75% cocoa)
Beats sex. don’t tell the bf

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The taste of red wine on a girl’s lips. Mmmmmm….

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Life itself is the best thing ever. It encompasses everything and it is exquisite through and through.

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True, unconditional, pure, kind-hearted, romantic, honest love.

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Awesome. That would be my favourite thing to do…if only I could find it. sigh

I’ll stick with my dark chocolate then.

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@seekingwolf everyone finds it eventually. and hell, dark chocolate is one hell of a treat. Savor it.

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@seekingwolf, how about a bf who understands the power of dark chocolate, and bakes really exquisite chocolate desserts for you.

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People only find it if they are lucky. Unconditional love is a rare thing. I’ve only seen it a couple times in my life thus far.

And dark chocolate is the BEST! especially when it’s smothered all over espresso beans.

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awwww my bf already does both for me! he sent me dark chocolate brownies in the mail!
but I am not yet sure if he loves me unconditionally. He says he does, but I am not sure. Only time will tell.

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@seekingwolf you’re right, for sure. Time will tell. Til then cross your fingers and wish on some stars. God, now I want chocolate, and lots of it.
And lots of lovin’.

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That and a good steak.

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crossing my fingers I sure hope so!
i’d give you some of my chocolate. I managed to make off with a small fortune of dark chocolate Hershey Kisses during the Buddhist retreat snack bar(very Buddhist of me, right?)...I have so many I can’t eat them all!

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@seekingwolf oh, if you could share, that would make my week. For sure. Chocolate here is SO expensive, so I don’t buy it unless I really want it, and right now.. I REALLY WANT IT!

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and i’m sure good things will come your way!

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Thank the lord for that invention.

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Enough with the dark chocolate, you’re making me salivate!
@asmonet Secret Clinical Strength (can’t live without it)... this is not an advertisement

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The simple things:

Love, toilet paper, ‘68 Camaros.

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and piggies.

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piggies!! :D

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Neck hugs from a small child :)

and Skor bars.

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Deviled baby sandwiches. Mmmmmm.

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Dentistry and medical technology, dark chocolate, green olives, cats, music.

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mmmmmmm, green olives too

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Sunday afternoon/night football.

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@chelseababyy So sad that the season is almost over! :(

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Nickel Beer!

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@jonsblond I know. But hey, gotta love the Super Bowl!

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MLB Opening Day

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Authentic Italian food. mmmmmmm

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Beer at the ballpark.

Steak on the grill.

2003 Clos du Val Cabernet

Good head.

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