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What is so funny about a fart?

Asked by judochop (16114points) January 17th, 2009

I just bought the Ifart for my Iphone and my daughter and I are laughing like little kids over here. What makes it so damn funny?

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It’s the goshdarn noise! It’s funny because something as repulsive as a fart (rancid gaseous by-products of bacteria leaking out of the bum) makes a noise that is so devilishly disgustingly funny that BEGS to be copied. :)

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They just are, because God designed them to be.

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to quote frank reynolds: “poop is funny.”

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And they smell so deaf people can enjoy them too.

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Mine are actually laughing gas.

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Because it goes PBBBBBBBBBFTTTT!!

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My parents (they are in their 70s) have a stuffed bear with a remote, when you press the remote it farts. My daughter goes straight for that remote every time we visit them and we all have a good laugh. Potty humor is a great distraction for the hard times that many of us have.

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Heh. You said fart.

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@jonsblond: That’s awesome, we had one in my office that I regularly reprogrammed from cutesy ‘I LOVE YOU!’ messages to fart noises.

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You smelt it, you dealt it… I’m just sayin’ .

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Because everyone farts, but so many try to hide them! I blamed my baby, once. I’ve blamed (like everyone!) the dog, the cat, my daughter – my husband. :)

They happen at the most inopportune times, everyone pretends they didn’t hear it, but you just see that one person, wide eyed and hoping no one figures it out! Then you know – someone giggles and that’s it!

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It’s the element of surprise that makes it funny. Farts are outrageous and unexpected, and oh so uncouth.

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What would you call the definition of surprise?
Answer: A fart with a lump in it.

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@tennesseejac….sooooooooo wrong, on sooooooooo many levels!!! :) (funny, though!!)

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Most bodily functions are hilarious…..

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NOT ALL BODILY FUNCTIONS ARE HILARIOUS….puke is only funny if it is sprayed on someone you dont like, otherwise it is pretty gross. Unless the person puking ate tons of different colored paint and maybe some glitter, then it would look pretty cool

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and don’t get me started on explosive diarhea.

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sounds great

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@tennesseejac Thanks for the visual. You just reminded me of my dog’s poo after he ate a crayon. Gahhhh!

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You spent a dollar for a fart app? lol

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I think people think is funny because its out of the ordinary, not everybody is willing to do it. And whenever somebody does, usually the people who dont like to publicly like to fart laugh the most. In another note, I have a friend who farts all the time, And not once has it failed to make me laugh. Most of the time tho, they’re so random that when it does happen, it makes me jump, which causes me to laugh out of shock and embarrassment for jumping in the first place. lol. And because of that he jokes and says that im very timid, which I am. So it makes him want to fart around me even more…
...Im just glad that 90% of the time they’re just loud and not stinky.

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Farts are funny because it goes like PBBBBBRTTTTGS and it happens in the times you don’t want them to. For example, at Ftbll. Practice today, some one ripped a big one. It’s just one of the funny body effects.

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