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If you were going to bury a time capsule tomorrow and it would be dug up 100 years from now, what would you put in it for someone to discover in the next century?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22926points) January 17th, 2009

I have no idea where I got the inspiration to ask this question. I’m so bored at work right now that I had an unexpected moment of curious spontaneity. If there is such a thing.

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Dry ice so when they open it it’s all futuristic and stuff.

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Anything that my husband and children wrote, drew or painted. They are all pure genius.

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US currency

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1. ipod
2. digital camera
3. a laptop
4. crayons, paints, markers
5. photographs
6. Copy of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, newspapers clipping -from important events.
7. Copies of books from various religions.
8. bubbles
9. bubble wrap
10. Pop Rock, I love those things!

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my favourite movies, pictures of stuff like how where I live loooked looks like currently, clippings of newspapers with all the interesting/important news, a pic of my house, some art, all the latest technology like in camera, phones, iPods etc. Just stuff that would really give them an idea on how life was in 2009.

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Barack Obama bobblehead.

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My ex-wife.

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The UN Declaration of Human Rights, The US Constitution, the book 1984, and a copy of the US PATRIOT Act. The first two in the hopes they could be used to restore our rights, the third to illustrate the undoing, and the last to show where it all started going wrong.

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different currency from different countries

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A dead woman with breast implant. Let them try to figure out what those patties are.

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My own cryogenically-frozen brain.

Better yet, the cryogenically-frozen brain of someone amazing and deserving.

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all my diaries from when i was 11 til now 28… in fact i think that’s what i plan to do with them anyway..

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1. The Constitution, UN Declaration of Human Rights, Declaration of Independence.
2. Barack Obama buttons, poster, Inauguration info, Dreams from my Father book.
3. Personal journal of my average day
4. Family tree
5. Idiot’s Guides or Introduction books to Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, etc.
6. Pop and Rap CDs
7. Newspapers from election night and inauguration.

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My CDs and movie and everything I’ve ever written (all on a hard drive or something). Hopefully they’ll be able to read it.
It probably won’t be of any global interest, but I figure important stuff like Monica’s dirty dress or Britney’s bra will be kept in a museum anyway, whereas my stuff won’t. And maybe my own grandchildren would like to know about me, just like I do about my grandfather (I have seen his first grade alphabet book from 1897 or something).

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If I knew the capsule was to be discovered by a friend – baseball cards. Why not make them wealthy?

If I knew the capsule was to be discovered by an enemy – complete DVD set of the sitcom Cavemen. Why not drive them crazy?

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Probably some old newspaper issues and a tabloid magazine or two for giggles.

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I’ve got a bunch of newspapers and magazines from around 9/11/01 and more from right after Obama was elected. Those would go in there.

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a coupla first edition books (best sellers) from this year
some heirloom seeds (like tomatoes and apples) carefully preserved
A list of endangered species
a list of questions that we have at present, about the future.

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one day they will open the time capsule and laugh at how the world was maing such a big deal of having a black president (the racist issues of it that is)
@rowenaz, I like the part about the seeds, and endangered species, thats a really useful thing to put in :)

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thanks, because I would have wondered which was the part that you liked!

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A pic of me heavily photoshopped.

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