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Is it possible to download torrents for xbox 360 games?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) January 17th, 2009 from iPhone

is there a way to download xbox 360 games on a PC (torrent) and burn them to a DVD/cd and play them on my 360?

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Yes. That is all.

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Yes, but we can’t tell you what. :)
Illegal stuff is sort of frowned upon here.

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lol i just didn’t kno it was possible. i heard someone say something and i was like…how could these companies (xbox, ps3, etc.) not hve some kind of protection/ code that wouldn’t allow ANY other discs to run?

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Yes, it’s called encryption.
The people who put stuff into torrents have already broken the encryption.

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Lololol What!?!?!?!

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He asked if there was some kind of code that the companies put on their games to protect them. I said, yes, there’s something called encryption. It’s a code that stops the game from being copied/used illegally.

This code is easily broken by hackers who know what they’re doing. I remember when Blu-Ray came out and there was a new encryption and everyone said “this is the END of movie piracy!” Within weeks, the new encryption code was broken.

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Lol, I meant what to him saying lol chelsea.

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Gah sorry ><

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It’s okay!

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