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Is it safe to install wlan in my children room?

Asked by flover21 (1points) January 18th, 2009
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I’m assuming you mean a wireless local area network?
What safety issues are you concerned about?

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In one of my country’s state, the government is about to implement wireless internet connection throughout the whole city. The project was having problem because initial research shows that some people are sensitive towards the magnetic field produced from the wireless signal. However, only very small amount of population are affected by this.

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short answer, yes, it’s perfectly safe. Just make sure it’s out of the way of curious hands.

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@mea05key I would imagine the transmitters for powering wifi for a city would be just a bit stronger than anything the everyday consumer would pick up at the local electronics store… although the sensitivity point is a valid one, but probably not at the levels a home network would produce.

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Are you talking about physically installing the router there, or having a wifi signal sent through their room? Also, what is the child’s age? I’m not sure if you are asking about having a router in their room(if they are young) or letting them have wifi in their room(older, web surfing child.)

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Just have them wear some tinfoil hats…they’ll be fine…that’s what my mom and dad did for me and I turned out normal (I think!)

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