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Does anyone know where I can get a decent .flv converter for mac?

Asked by cage (3114points) January 18th, 2009

Preferably free.
If a small donation is needed then that’s okay.

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I think VLC can do that.

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@Vincentt no, VLC is a media player. I need something that will convert .flv files into .mov or .mp4 (suitable for iMovie).

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VLC can convert files from one media type to another. See Media->Convert/Save… (it was called differently in previous versions, but you’ll probably be able to find it. I believe it was “Open Capture Device”)

You can also try

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QuickTime Player can convert Flash video. You may need the Pro upgrade, though.

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@Vincentt I’ve tried that “open capture device” but tbh I’m terribly confused.

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VisualHub can convert an flv to almost anything you can imagine. Unfortunately its no longer being sold.

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Have you tried Zamzar? Best thing is it’s online (so no downloading software) and free. Not sure if it’s the kind of conversion you are looking for, but can’t hurt to try. Just browse for your file, choose from one of the conversion options….

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I’ve had a great usage out of using SteamClip. Free and easy download. I’ve converted a lot of .flvs from youtube into quicktime movies.

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The makers of VisialHub also made iSquint, which I use often. Check sites like version tracker or MacUpdates. Sometime they still host the files if the developer has stopped supporting them.

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thanks guys. I’ll be giving all of these a try tomorrow :)

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iSquint is the best one here. I think Handbrake also can do this now.

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@Vincentt thanks mate. I’ve been using that. Shame the quality isn’t that great when I’m downloading HD videos… especially since I’ve paid for it too. Oh well. I guess this is the best at the moment.

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ffmpegX can do this (and much more), but does take a little bit of work to get it ready.

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I use this one. It’s pretty good. Free, easy to use. Hope it does the trick.

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