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Which sport would be best for a 10 year-old?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) January 18th, 2009

My ten year-old wants to try either football, hockey, or lacrosse. I’m looking for input as to what makes a player successful at each of these sports. I’m also wondering which is the most violent (I am a mom after all).

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I would say football is the most violent.
Many schools have a “weight requirement” for football, even at the 10-year-old level, so when your child is playing and is body-slammed by a kid, it’s going to be by a VERY big kid and it’s going to hurt.

I know it’s none of the above, but I played soccer when I was 9+.
Very cooperative game, lots of team work, no sticks/pucks to be hit with, and injuries were fairly minimal.

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As far as violence and potential for injury goes, I think football takes the cake, with hockey a close second.

Why not try to introduce your son (I’m assuming this is your son, although you never indicated your child’s gender) to other, less traditional sports, such as those that do not require pucks or balls? My brother fences (he’s middle school age) and he has a great time with it. Make sure your kid knows that there are other options out there that should he should consider before he makes up his mind.

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Successful??? Well the one s/he wants to do, of course. Wait a minute…you couldn’t mean the one that the child would win at the most or have the best chance at being the star player, could you? As the mother you want to make sure s/he has the proper safety equipment for whichever sport and thats/he is playing with the right age/size group but most of all you want your child to learn good sportsmanship, right?

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Football as in soccer or as in american football? I played soccer around 10 and it was great, you should consider it too. Also considering that football and hockey and lacrosse all require quite a bit of equipment, all you need for soccer is some shorts and some cleats.

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Soccer. It’s a sport with constant movement so your kid won’t get bored, and it’s relatively inexpensive to purchase the equipment.

I started playing soccer when I was around 10 and played all through gradeschool.

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Hockey! Get he/she into hockey. As far as being good at something. Just support your child no matter what. All sports can be violent but hockey will teach much more than team play. It supports cardio more than football, it creates awesome balance, hand, eye, stick and foot coordination. Hockey is one of the best sports ever.

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I’d go with Soccer, or Baseball. Once he’s on a more competitive level of sports, Football, or Wrestling would be good choices.

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Let the kid do whatever sport he/ she chooses. Your kid could get hurt by falling down the stairs but you still let him on them, right? The odds are against injury, providing you buy the proper safety equipment. My son started ice hockey when he was 4, skateboarding (dropping into halfpipes) and snowboarding by 5. My daughter (10yrs) is a cheerleader, she is a flyer. This is the most dangerous position on the squad. I understand your fear of injury, I can’t tell you how many times I have held my breath in terror, but you have to let your kid decide the sport. They will work harder, learn more, and feel accomplished when allowed to be who they want.

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I would say that football is the most violent sport, kids have screwed up their collar bones and spines playing. Your child should do whichever one they want to do….I’d go with soccer.

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All three of those are pretty violent… I played soccer as a kid and there were very limited instances of actual injury. Although—flag football might be even less violent than soccer.

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youve got to get him into lax. get him some nice flow to go along with it.

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