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How many (what percentage) of flutherers are members of racial minorities.

Asked by cdwccrn (3610points) January 18th, 2009 from iPhone

Just wondering how diverse this community is.

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don’t know if this counts, but my great-great-great grandmother was black, making me about 1/32 ethnic.

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tells the kids to hurry up and get in the car

Uh, why? You lookin’ for someone? What’s with the sheets?

godammit kids…get in the car!

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My father’s side of the family goes back to the original European colonists, while my great great grandmother on my mother’s side was from Czechoslovakia.

So I am completely white.

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I don’t think you can get an accurate gauge of the minority percentage of flutherers just from this question, but if it helps you to take from a sample size, I’m Hispanic.

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I am interested, not because I am looking for someone but because I am curious about the diversity from which our answers come. Racial and cultural diversity will add a richness to the pool from which our perspectives come.

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Thanks Nimis! Exactly what I was looking for. Are you one of the moderators or just BRILLIANT!

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@cdwccrn, She’s just brilliant :)

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How does that site know? I don’t recall telling Fluther these things when I registered.

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@laurethThat was exactly what jonsblond asked.

@Nimis…Awesome site.

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Now I am freaked out. How does that site generate those demographics?

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I have
two GP’s = American Indian
One GP = german
one GP = unknown

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(And for what it’s worth – my mom was a generic white mutt with a lot of Scottish and German, and the biological father was probably human of some sort.)

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I would really question the stats on quantcast. I don’t see how they could accurately measure our income or gender or race.

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I agree with others that question quantcast’s stats. Unless the site has a hidden webcam not possible btw, I don’t see how it can determine the color of my skin.

Though Nimis still is brilliant for the link

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No one (yet)? I’m a first generation Canadian of Chinese descent with both parents from Hong Kong. If you look closely you can see my l‘s look like r‘s.

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Are you asking about racial minorities or visible minorities? I’ve met almost no one that’s actually 100% American or Canadian in ethnicity. Many people that I would consider caucasian, white, or completely Canadian/American in ethnicity have anglosaxon roots (European ancestors somewhere in the family forest).

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Didn’t richardhenry explain on another thread that Quantcast used information from a variety of websites they were affiliated with that shared personal information to form statistics for individual websites?

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Definitely not a moderator and not exactly sure how they get their stats, so…
<—not so brilliant.

Though I’ve pondered this and wondered if it was possible for them to cross-reference
our IP locations with information like the US Census to make an educated guess?
Though, really? How many jellies visit

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@Nimis : Not to sound too harsh (I realize they’re trying) but that might be an educated method of guessing for a high schooler.

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<pretty much honky. With a little Seminole Indian somewheres deep inside.

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Before I spread anymore dubious guesses,
here’s what Quantcast actually says on their site:

We collect our data through affiliations with partners, who include advertisers, publishers, ISPs and advertising networks. All the data we collect is anonymous and contains no personally-identifiable information.

While it still seems a bit dubious, I figured they’re probably still able
to glean some of the broader, over-arching statistics to make it worthwhile?

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I’d give them the benefit of a doubt as there are certain methods to get a broad estimate. If we’re looking at large websites a margin of error even in the thousands would be acceptable for a purely demographic analysis.

One way could be to see if certain visitors came from or has a cookie trail from websites that do cater to specific ethnic groups (i.e. AsianAve). Those sites do collect the ethnicity detail of it’s members and you can extrapolate a figure (i.e. 80% of visitors from AsianAve are in fact Chinese or whatever).

Another way is to track geography via IP, domains, etc. Granted you can’t be assured of their ethnicity by that alone but once again you can use various census data, private surveying, and other sources to estimate the ethnicity of certain domains. The US and Canada have large immigrant populations but most other places in the world don’t (i.e. the Middle East, Asia) so you would have a higher probability of guessing their race if they’re connecting from those places.

If you look at it as a generalised measurement of likely possibilities it’s not hard to apply a variety of methods into a model to get a reasonable estimate.

Or they could just be throwing darts at a map (shrugs).

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My husband is adopted. If he doesn’t know, how can fluther?

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I’m just glad that those of us that are ‘other’ make up 2% of Fluther. We are a real minority and we demand minority benefits. Of course, I have no idea how many of the other 2% are from Alpha Cangtank’rus II.

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