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Favourite accent?

Asked by Jude (32095points) January 18th, 2009

Do you have one?

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Australian, of course!

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For me, it’s a toss up between the Icelandic accent and the Scottish.

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Oh definitely Scooootish.

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British is by far the funniest/most awesome. But most attractive, id have to go with Russian. mmmmm

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I’d say Russian, Scottish and, Italian.

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Richardhenry’s of course.

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Jamaican, mon.

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Bronx w. a soup├žon of Yiddish.

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The umlaut.

shh…i know it’s a diacritic

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—@jon: it’s a cedilla (making the “c’ soft as in ‘s’.)

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Scottish, Edinburgh especially. I have trouble understanding Glaswegian. There’s a movie I saw, called Spider, that I needed to keep the subs on for, the Glaswegian accents were so thick. And French. Tha Auld Alliance, as it were.

I’ve only heard the Parisian accent, but I like it. Where could I hear speakers from other parts of the country?

Also, I luuurve Tom Baker speaking his original Liverpudlian (watch the whole thing, because it’s awesome, of course, but 1:41 is that bit). It’s not as nasal as I’ve heard from other speakers of that dialect.

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@aprilsimnel I have the Belle and Sebastian DVD (“Fans Only”), and the first time i watched it, i had the captions on as well. some of it is just noises, i think.

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Oh! I also like Welsh accents.

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Argentine – as spoken by a devastatingly intelligent woman moments before embracing her lover in a tango. The words would leave her lips like smoke rings on a windy day.

my wife is from Argentina by the way

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All. I love accents ;)

I’d have to say British, Peurto Rican, and Australian are quite sexy, but I simply cannot choose a favorite.

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Ooh, and Spanish. Penelope Cruz could talk my ear off any day. ***purrrrrrr***

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Welsh, English, Irish, Scottish, to a lesser extent Australian.

Can I just UK-ish is hot as hell?

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New England (RI and above). I’m easy to please, not to say I don’t enjoy a good Irish brogue every once in a while, but I like to keep it simple.

plus, my SO is from the Nor’east, so naturally its wicked hot to me anyway.

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I really, really, really like Northern English accents and what I’ve been told is Estuary English. drool.

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Febreeze Clean Laundry…

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@asmonet estuary?

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My friend the linguistics nerd told me that’s what it was, all I know is, David Tennant pretends to have one and I change my pants.

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Estuary English is Southern. Thames.

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Silly, I wasn’t saying it was Northern. I was pointing out that I liked all Northern Accents and one specific one outside of that. But thanks for the info. :)

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just for the record I have a Standard English accent. With Received Pronunciation

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ooo, I’m one of just 2% of the nation with my accent :D

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So what you speak the Queen’s English and whatnot?
Show off.

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For the record I speak treacherous American devil English. And it’s boring. :’(
But at least I don’t have a southern twang.

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The queen has more of an Oxford English accent than mine. It’s incredibly posh.
Me and richardhenry have similar accents. Obviously different voices. I think mine might be a bit deeper.

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Haha, well I adore both of your accents. Especially the way you say ‘party’. PAH-tee. Hehe cute.

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I’ve read that even the Queen has a bit of an Estuary accent now. And no jokes about Essex girls!

I have my Jeeves & Wooster DVDs when I want my bally fill of posh, what?

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British of course! Spot ‘o tea deary?

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That’s a toughie. I would say either Russian or British.

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it’s Japanese, they always twist words so nobody can understand them

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@Saaishen: Other Japanese could. You are, I presume, speaking about English being the only language that matters.

I worked on my French accent, when I was young, by speaking English the way my French friends did.

Try to speak Polish, Hungarian, Yiddish, Arabic, Farsi, the Zulu click language and dozens of others that use different parts of the lips, tongue, soft palate, etc, see what the various peoples think of your accent.

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