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How do I get rid of a black eye?

Asked by a_love_supreme (9points) January 19th, 2009

Waffle House accident, oh no. Help.

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I’ve always just waited it out. Though, I hear a cold steak will do the trick, I’ve never tried.

I was at a waffle house last night too. Interesting.

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Try Arnica cream, homeopathic remedy for bruises.

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It’s a healing process. You can’t just get rid of it. But in the meantime, you can cover it up with concealer or makeup.

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autumn43 Is right. Like any other bruise, you simply have to wait for it to heal and use what she suggested to cover it.

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A little ice to heal the pain, then Arnica cream to lessen the longevity of the bruising (it really works wonders!), and maybe a little concealer to help cover it up until it heals.

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@RandomMrdan While at the wafflehouse, did you witness or partake in any accidents?

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@chyna haha no, that would be a bit too coincidental.

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lmao: Waffle House accident, oh no!

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That’s exactly why I go to iHOP!

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Blacken the other eye so at least you’ll be bilaterally symmetrical.

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witch hazel

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