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How do I go about replacing my break light?

Asked by a_love_supreme (9points) January 19th, 2009

On my 96 jetta.

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I’m guessing it goes something like….unscrew dead bulb…open package containing new bulb…screw in new bulb…

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You’ll have to access the bulb from the inside of your trunk. There should be screws in the interior of your trunk – unscrew these to access the inside of your taillight. From there, it is simple to just unscrew the old bulb and then screw in the new one. This is pretty standard for almost any modern vehicle (although not all).

You could also ask any employee at the auto store where you purchase the bulb. They are usually more than happy to change it for you free of charge.

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And when you order, ask for a 96 Jetta brake light bulb.

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For a Voltzwagon.

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^^ I shall now change glazzes.

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Look in the owner’s manual for part number and procedure.

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