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Is there still a market for bookcase games? Anyone still playing?

Asked by kevbo (25654points) January 19th, 2009 from iPhone

Stuff like Avalon Hill, Victory, or 3M? Squad Leader, Ambush, etc? Games with modifier charts, dice rolls, and a bazillion cardboard chits to move around hexagonal maps? Obviously, D & D is still around, but these were more historical strategy and simulation. Axis & Allies is sort of a contemporary derivative of what I’m thinking of.

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I loved these games! Settlers of Catan is pretty fun in the same way.

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That’s a contemporary one, too, right?

Now you have me thinking about that Black Tower(?) game where you used the rotating Black Tower, fought orcs, and collected keys to get into the tower. Obviously, not a bookcase game, but still nostalgic.

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Black Dark
orcs brigands
Playable at

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Would Risk be classified as one of those? I <3 Risk.

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This makes me think of the store, Something To Do. University Games produces a lot of games like the bookcase games.

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@krysta, risk is a great game, but these were like Risk on steroids. Pages of rules.

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They’re still around, but a lot of the audience for them has shifted over to computer games. The rules are just as complicated, but the computer gets to remember them all, and so you don’t have to.

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