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Jesus Christ it's a lion get in the car?

Asked by peyton_farquhar (3741points) January 19th, 2009

Can anyone tell me where this well-known internet meme came from? and can anyone tell me how to pronounce meme?

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I pronounce (and have heard) meme pronounced like “meem.”

Some people say me-me though and I’ve heard debates over the proper way to pronounce it.

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I hope that helps for the first question. I have no idea about the “meem” stuff

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Holy crap! That embedded youtube video shows a guy being eaten alive by lions!


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Thanks Nimrod, I am now sufficiently disturbed.
Jesus Christ in a gorilla suit, i did not need to see that.

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Gruss Gott!

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Aw, dood. u did it RONG! lk, OMG, so, so RONG!!

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Meme (pronounced “meem”).

Lions are wild animals. You can even get hurt by a squirrel or a deer if you’re foolish enough to expect them to act like characters in a Disney movie.

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So Disney is to blame for this.

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For second I was hoping this would be a new frizzer. Just for a second though.

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That video is crazy… Those poor children had to see that.

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Disney didn’t create idiots, but his films promote a benign enough view of wildlife as a bunch of furry singing little friends that it can be hard for parents to persuade children not to try to pat the raccoons, rabbits, and other critters they might meet in the wild.

Not to be unduly harsh, but does anyone know if that unfortunate tourist was given a posthumous Darwin Award?

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holy!... <puked>

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I think normally I would have been like retard and moved on but having seen the actual death, I just feel sorry for a lapse in judgment. And for the state of society being that we’re so far removed from our surroundings that basic dangers are beginning to be disregarded by simpletons.

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hey, you guys! great news! that was actually staged! Don’t ask me how I know this but it’s true! Now we can all get on with our lives. What a relief!

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Meem? Really? Not mehm? Yuck.

Just like we’re supposed to pronounce .GIF “jif”. Ha. Try and make me.

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Oh, please tell me you’re not one of those ‘giff’ people.

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I was expecting to see something more like this not someone getting eaten! But then again, what do you expect to happen when you piss off a lion? It’s not exactly just going to cuddle you. Karma, I guess.

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Ironically the more recent lion video that shows Christian the lion in the wild joyously reuniting with his rescuers many years later is being made into a movie

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Here’s the deal (if this wasn’t a fake – I can see where a case can be made for that upon re-viewing): Those lions were feeding. Who goes near a group of wild animals who are already hungry?

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