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Have you heard Girl Talk yet?

Asked by kevbo (25644points) January 19th, 2009

Sorry if I’m late to the party. It’s like a mashup of a Time/Life CD collection informercial of your favorite hits from the 70s/80s/90s and hardcore gangsta rap. Trippy… and brilliant because the old music sucks you in (if you are an old person).

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yes. great DJ, saw him at Bonnaroo last year

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I just started listening to Girl Talk. Frankly, I think its awesome to take some “tired” new songs and mash them with some “oldies” (can’t believe I’m calling some of those songs oldies).

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I will see your and raise you a free download.

<3 girl talk.

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Nice. I had to get my bro-in-law to burn me a CD, because I ‘m too old couldn’t figure out how to get to that page.

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Wow. Push It mashed with Smells Like Teen Spirit. This is crack music.

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My favorite part is No Diggity….

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@nikipedia YES! that randomly pops into my head so often.

Feed the Animals was a great cd. The amazing thing is i hate a lot of those original songs, yet girltalk has the ability to make the once crap music into pure awesomeness lol.

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Yeah, he’s insane!
I wonder how long it takes for him to make just one of those amazing mashups.

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I had not heard of this fellow. Cool. I thought people stopped the mashups thing after Soulwax / 2 Many DJs.

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FYI, there was a recent review of Girl Talk in the New York Times.

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Girl Talk has helped shed light on that genre of music, which is definitely a noble thing. I hope a lot of of similar music gets some attention because of people raving about Girl Talk.

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Good and short interview with Girl Talk – link

ps – scroll to the bottom. most of that link is an article about ethics of music sharing etc

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It’s crazy how popular Girl Talk has suddenly gotten. I’m a huge fan of his work. He performed at my school earlier this year. It was awesome.

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