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How will you mark today as special?

Asked by cdwccrn (3610points) January 20th, 2009 from iPhone

Will you celebrate our change in presidency in any way?

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I see beer in my future. And I know of a “new president” party a few blocks away. So beer and dancing.

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No it’s just like any other Inauguration Day. I am at work. Then I will go home and spend quality time with my wife and kids and NOT turn on the news.

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I’ll be sporting an extra spring in my step.

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My husband is “working” from home today just so that he could stay home and we could watch the inaguration together.

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As a former Republican, I am thrilled to see Bush go. I’m optimistic about this new administration. But, my same routine will take place today.

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My routine today got altered because my classes got cancelled due to snow. That happens about once a year so that in itself makes it easy to remember. Today I’m celbrating twofold. I’m extremely excited about the new administration, but I’m even more excited to see bush get out.

Today might easily be one of the more exciting days of my life. No classes, Bush Out, Obama In. WOO!

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I think my Grand sons are going to come over and and watch the Inauguration with me. We’re going to eat Smuckers Crustables, drink juice boxes and sit on Whoopie cushions! Whoopie!!!!!!!

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You’re living on the edge! :)

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Oh and I have waffles.

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I am going to write my future children a letter. Sounds corny but it’s a pretty big day.

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I’m going to watch every moment I can on television, snuggle with my boyfriend and generally rejoice. I may, possibly, break out some bubbly. (We still have it from new years—everyone got the flu then and bubbly on a vomit-y tummy isn’t a good idea.)

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I will celebrate it merely by saluting a new Commander in Chief and doing whatever this new one says to do.

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I’m definitely thinking some champagne is in order for sure. I’m watching every minute of coverage, not gonna lie, and hoping and praying that everything goes off without a hitch. I wish I was there!

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So far this day has been just like any other day, at work and walked into 7 layoffs. So I am anticipating every word, every sentence that Barack is promising to us because things have to get better for all of us here and around the country.

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I recently found out that beer and jumping up and down is a baaaaad combination so I’ll just have the beer and think about jumping up and down!

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Since change is in the air, I took a shit in the last stall instead of the my usual first stall.

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Um, thanks for sharing that critter…

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@critter1982 In the words of the great Forrest Gump “Stupid is as stupid does…”

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i didn’t really celebrate but i stayed home from school because we don’t have televisions in all of our classes and i haven’t heard any of my teachers mention making any accommodations so that we could watch it. /=
and i’m making croissants right now and a fresh pot of coffee.

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Other than than the time taken to watch the inauguration, my day will be like any other Tuesday.

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We took inauguration day off and completely renovated our office so it’s a great reminder of a fresh start and inspiring to sit here now amongst change we created for our lives.

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