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Total honesty: If you could ask your sig other one question that they would answer honestly, then completely forget that you asked, what question would you choose to ask?

Asked by steelmarket (3603points) January 20th, 2009

One shot at total honestly. Choose wisely – you might not like what you hear.

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Does my ass look big in these jeans?

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Have you ever cheated on me?

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Did you really consider buying your old crazy ex-girlfriend an engagement ring?

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GQ. I haven’t decided yet.

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@johnpowell same. and would you ever cheat on me?

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Where are the bodies buried?

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Will you ever forgive me?

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Are you happy?

Likeradar's avatar

Do you really see this going in the direction I want it to?

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What do you want in bed but are too afraid or embarrassed to ask for?

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Have you ever felt the same way about another woman, that you feel about me?

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@TitsMcGhee That’s a really good one.

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Will you ever stop talking?

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@queenzboulevard Are you aware that she’ll just reply with a load more conversation?

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Do I bore you sometimes?

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Can you see yourself being happy with me for a long time to come?

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Why are you with me? Total honesty…we know why we are with our SO but there is always that little niggling thought about his reason. I think if I knew that it would make my choices easier if I knew if we were in the same ballpark.

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Are you with me because you can’t be with who you truly love?
You know the saying. If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with.

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The other possibilities

Are you with me because of my looks-looks fade
Are you with me because I can help your career?-what happens when someone more helpful comes along?
Are you with me because of my money? Check please!

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Is this really the best sex you’ve ever had?

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“Does my mother-in-law have it in for me and if so, when I can expect to be blindsided?”

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With total honesty, if you could ask me other one question that I would answer honestly, then completely forget that you had asked, what question would you choose to ask?

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What really happened in Iraq?

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What do you really think of my inlaws?

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Do you want to have a threesome?

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Please actually SAY “I Love You” – Do You Mean It?

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Great Q. I can’t decide!

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Do I really make awesome lasagna, or are you just being kind?

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Am I the man you want to grow old with?

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Would you die for me?

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I would also ask him if he is IN LOVE with me… or if he just loves me

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