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Mexico: Will we find ourselves at war with Mexico in a few years?

Asked by steelmarket (3603points) January 20th, 2009

What if the drug lords gain control of Mexico?

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I seriously doubt that.

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I would think not. Especially considering who will be president in under an hour.

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As in the whole world?

You know it’s not just the US that uses this site…

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@cage – If drug lords take over Mexico, the USA, several central American countries and perhaps some Caribbean countries could be involved.

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I’m from Mexico. We discussed in a class that there are two countries that are considered threatening to the US by the security department. Those are Mexico and Iran. Iran because of the nuclear weapons and Mexico because of the druglords. I think there might be a conflict in a few years, but nothing like a world war.
@cage: I liked your point of view. This may be an american website, but there are people from other countries who use it too.

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I respect you Non-Americans more now. Why? Because when I read this Q I didn’t think of any other country but the U.S.A. Thanks for pointing that out!

It’s always so refreshing for me to have my mind opened up

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@May2689 yes they do. what a great answer it was…
@queenzboulevard as i said just above… what a great answer

And @steelmarket you didn’t mention England (or more to the point, Asia, Africa or Europe) in there did you? no.

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We are Mexico.

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I dont think the drug lords of Mexico could do shit to us because they would have to come through Texas and every person there owns a gun and is racist against Mexicans so they would be fucked… Ok that was a jab at Texas, sorry.

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@madcapper tbh if anything sounded like you were proud of Texas. In that you were happy to have such a great unoffcial national home guard lol

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@cage, I guess that England could go to war with Mexico, if the Mexican navy began shaking down English registry ships doing business in Mexican ports. They have already been to war with a S. American country in the near past. Same with African and European countries (or Australia, or polynesian countries).

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@steelmarket I don’t think Mexico has attacked African or European, etc for a long time.
I also seriously doubt drug lords have access to battleships.

IF war were to break out, trade would cease anyway…

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@Madcapper- you do know that Texas is not the only state touching Mexico…..right?

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@ cheeb yes I know that, I was just messing around.

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just making sure, lol, I know a kid (he was 19) who thought Alaska was on the east coast.

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I know an English girl that didn’t know the United Kingdom was an island, thought we still had a king, couldn’t point out China Russia or the USA on a world map, and literally challenged someone to predict the time 10 minutes into the future.
“what time is it?”
“I bet you don’t know what time it’s gonna be in 10 minutes though!”

fucking idiot

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Stupid people are funny.

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@ cheeb yes some people are very stupid haha

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when i was in middle school our history teacher gave us all the test that you need to take to became a US citizen. There were a lot of very easy questions on there ie who was the first president, whos face is on the five dollar bill. Shit like that. The entire class aside from me and about 6 other kids failed it. It was sadddddddd

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@cage: I’d be her friend just for the lawls.

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oh yeah, all of us “texans” are gun-owning mexican-hating racists. nevermind that more than a third of us ARE mexican or another hispanic heritage such as born and bred texan for so many generations that it goes back to when texas was a part of mexico.

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of course I don’t mean the Mexican people living there I am only talking about the Giant belt buckle wearing, mechanical bull-riding, snake handling, Colt .45 wielding, handle-bar mustache sporting, black gold loving, caucasian Texans. Sorry for the confusion. Ohh and girls in chaps that dance on bars…

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well, i believe druglords here in Mexico are part of a much bigger plan including USA. Nevermind History and militar power in each country, things are getting uglier everywhere in the world and this is probably the first time in human existence that we, as a race, know we’re headed for destruction. Global warming, famine, poverty, financial crisis… all of these are examples that there is something really wrong with the way we are handling things on Earth but it is too late to switch major economical interests or certain ways of living.
So, oil and natural resources will become (way more) scarce and guess who’s got a real nice bunch of these? Obviously there is going to be some kind of ‘reward’ for Mexico and other countries joining this deal. Hell, it is already happening, have you heard of this ‘Amero’ thing??? scary shit.
And Mexicans ARE Americans, just not from the USA.
Druglords DO have access to battleships and ridiculous amounts of weapons and money.
Let’s all move to some quiet beach in Asia or something and live there in harmony… until someone gets bitten by a shark.
wait, wasn’t that a movie?

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No. No one left to fight. they’re all here

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of course, i understand what you meant madcapper. it’s just funny because i also meant giant belt-buckle wearing, bull-riding, gun wielding, handle-bar mustache sporting, God-loving Texans. Yeah, some caucasian ones!_

Funny thing, being mexican and caucasian aren’t in any way mutually exclusive. check the census.

another funny thing, you’d really be surprised where a lot of those trends and traditions you think of as “Texan” and “white” really came from. The original cowboys were vaqueros. A lot of “cowboy” terminology is just mangled Spanish, in fact. Like the word ‘lariat’, is from ‘la riat’ – literally ‘the rope’.

Texas history is such an interesting subject!

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hey on that topic what does Vaqueros mean? me and my friends were just wondering about that last night…

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@rainsmoker: Every century has had it’s doomsday believers on some level. It’s nothing new. :)

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nice thanks!

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Hm, I didn’t think the drug lords of mexico posed such a serious threat to the governing body of mexico. I know they are a hassle and all but who knew. I think it is easy to missinterpret things though, its not like the drug lords are going to attack the united states in some kind of conventional war and take back what they lost in the mexican-american war. Its a threat because if mexico becomes a failed state, then what ever consequences that has on the people will no doubt spill over into our borders and our economy as well. So no I don’t think there will be a war with mexico, but if it gets bad enough maybe an “authorized cleanup effort”

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Just some further thoughts…

A large percentage of the modern pirates operate from countries where the central government has failed (gone or totally ineffective) and has been replace by warlords. Those warlords often hold power with the weapons of part of the army of the country, which they co-opted. Drug lords = warlords = organized crime, whatever labels work.

IF pirates, based in Mexico, began attacking our shipping in the Gulf of Mexico, would the USA land troops to destroy their land bases? What if the government of Mexico (receiving a cut of the pirate take under the table) objected to the idea, told us that if we attacked the pirate bases it would be an act of war? Would you vote for possible war if your family, on a cruise in the Gulf, were kidnapped off their cruise ship by Mexican pirates and you knew that a cut of the ransom would go to the Mexican government?

Remember, the USA faced similar conditions in the Barbary Wars .

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Nice scenario steel. I do think the U.S. would do what ever necessary to secure its trade routes. That is the one thing that has been true through out our history and has resulted in some of the biggest smack downs via U.S. military.

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To quote Mark Knopfler, “We got to move these microwave ovens, we got to move these color TV’s.”

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@steelmarket, it’s a possible scenario, but personally, I think if the Mexican government is in anyone’s pocket (which I’m not saying it is right now), it’s a lot more likely to be the US’s than warlords. The Mexican gov’t actually puts up with a lot of shit from the US and goes to pretty great lengths to try to make the white house happy.

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because we have SO many Americans trying to live in Mexico….~

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This is the kind of news that makes me worry about the stability of Mexico: Recent article on the arming of Mexican drug lords

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@steelmarket – tbh the american government knows every little thing that goes on around the world. so if someone as close as mexico tried to pull a stunt of like that i 100% guarantee that america would know.

also @ everyone americas strongest allies are the united kingdom, australia, canada, israel and some european countries like poland, netherlands etc. united kingdom, canada & most of europe are all apart of the north atlantic treaty organization & if any of the countries in the NATO are attacked they treat it as ‘all for one, one for all’. so when september 11 happened all countries in the NATO had a meeting a pledged war on terrorism as one. australia has always stood by america eg. ww2, vietnam, iraq ect. (woot go australia, my home country ;p )
EDIT: i just after i posted this read a very very interesting article on south korea’s alliance with america. from reading this article i now put south korea as one of americas strongest allies.
heres the article for those of you who wish to have a look :)

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