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What senator is objecting to Hilary Clinton becoming Secretary of State?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8263points) January 20th, 2009

And furthermore, what would the basis of the objection be? Would you have any reason to object to Hilary becoming Secretary of State?

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I’m positive David Vitter is objecting and it has to due with her husbands ties to international fund raising.

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She’s got a big learning curve ahead of her with regard to international realpolitik, hasn’t she? But she’s got Bill.

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I believe that this is just a parliamentary procedure thing. You make a motion that a group accept someone by unanimous consent. If someone in the group wants an actual vote to be taken, for whatever reason, this motion is defeated and then a motion for a vote is made.

From the news account below, it appears that someone is trying to put a spin on this.

“WASHINGTON:A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be confirmed as secretary of state Tuesday because of a single senator’s objection. Reid spokesman Jim Manley said Republican John Cornyn of Texas has indicated he will block a move to confirm Clinton by an unanimous floor vote later in the day.”

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I don’t blame him. I don’t like Hillary. She may be smart and has Bill, but she is blindly ambitious and I don’t feel she would be very bipartisan, nor pragmatic, which are two VERY important qualities for someone in her position to have.

I really don’t like her at all. I don’t care that “she’s a woman and I’m a woman and so I should support a woman in politics.” Well, not if that woman is Hillary Rodham Clinton!

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Steelmaret got it right. From (Voice of American).

John Cornyn
Republican Senator John Cornyn from the southern state of Texas says he is not satisfied with Senator Clinton’s responses to questions about her husband’s foundation.

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@gailcalled: Just interested in your opinion (and anyone else’s, of course) – should Hilary’s position be compromised because of her spouse? Does a figure like that come as an independent entity, or is it the sum of the whole?

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Depends upon the person. From my observations of past performances, you cannot use the adjective unentangled when describing Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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@steelmarket: That was said perfectly, haha.

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@seekingwolf: I agree. I don’t like her either. But she has a respected, well-known face, and I do think she will be a fabulous sectretary of state.

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Senator Cornyn. Hillary’s husband has accepts millions from foreign donors, and has not agreed to stop taking donations. He earns on nearly 1 million dollars per month from a Dubai foundation for speaking, investing and lobbying. Dubai has an official boycott against Israel, discriminates against women, does not allow unions and average salary is $177.00 per month.

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She’s still going to get confirmed, but I agree that any ties to her husband’s foundation/organization/thing have to be either severed or completely (transparently) revealed.

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So much for no lobbysists. Hillary is one thing, but William Lynn (deputy secretary of defense) and secretary of health and human services, William V. Corr actually were both lobbyists themselves until just months ago. US News & World Report covered this.

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