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Are you watching the inauguration?

Asked by cage (3114points) January 20th, 2009

simple yes or no will suffice.

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Yes. Aretha’s gonna sing! Yay!

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no. i am at work.

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Yeah and the darjeeling limited at the same time ^_^

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Yes, absolutely!!!!!!!! :-}

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Biden’s in! Just waiting for Obama!

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According to CNBC, he’s President now even though the oath is a bit late. The official change being noon.

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yes, but i have to leave to my college in 10 min and they wont stop playing damn music!!(its 9:05 here PST)

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We just got a story about a president doing such a long speech in the cold outside, he caught pneumonia and died a month later. lol.

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yes, I just want to see his speech… I don’t need to watch fuckin Yo Yo Ma playing the damn cello.

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The Obama kids are so cute!

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Hell yeah, I’m skipping class to watch this!

did anyone else notice how lost Bush looked while walking out?

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I had to call a friend and have her put the phone by the TV… I couldn’t get any live feed to work :( But I heard it!! Yay!!

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You can watch it online via hulu:

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I’m trying to, but is crashing hard to the ground as is any other online stream I can find! One stream distorted his voice so it sounded like a kidnapper was talking with that modulated voice.

Hulu is great for you guys in the States, not so much for the rest of the world :)

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Yep, on the BBC.

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Yes, and I’m tearing up.

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That was beautiful. So many people… I cried.

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@cage: I’m pretty sure he’s a republican or something.

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@poofandmook probably racist too lol

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hahah look at that fuck Cheny in his wheel chair! I hope his car crashes…

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how much would you give to see any of them fall down the steps?

like yeah, preferably Bush, or his wife with him stumbling down after her body, but I mean being viewed by so many people and falling down some stairs would be more than amusing.

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Yeah I’m watching it. @cage No it wouldn’t be funny.

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@cage: personally, I would love a short, live skit depicting Cheney shooting his friend in the face. That would thrill me to death.

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How great is it to see Bush getting into that copter and leaving?!?!

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Are you all REALLY this hateful??? How horrible!

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I don’t hate Bush, I think he was a horrible president and I hate what he did to our country. But I do believe he is a friendly, likeable guy outside of his politics. I don’t wish any harm to him.

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@elijahsuicide, now I DO agree with THAT statement.

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I rushed home and took lunch early just to see the swearing in and his speech. I think thats awful to wish that on anyone, but Cheny does look like Dr. Strangelove in the wheelchair!

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a scraped knee at least would be nice :P

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so then he would have to wear a hello kitty band aid

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@blondie411: And that would be immensely gratifying.

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@cage, yeah racist sure. you’re probably right. either that or just ignorant. the reason i’m not watching the inauguration is because i don’t agree with this cult following obama has. some people just voted for him because of race, and that’s just wrong

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@waterskier2007 cults? just because you’re in the KKK doesn’t mean everyone’s in a cult! And yes, you’re right, it is wrong to vote in a black man.

~ don’t worry, bit of British sarcastic humour. Sorry if you got the wrong impression, though an explanation for why you wouldn’t watch such a huge moment would be better next time.

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If you’re stupid enough to think that many people voted for him because he’s black and not because McCain/Palin sucked ass, or because they believe in his ability to make this country better, then you’re pretty goshdurn stupid.

and possibly racist. That’s totally the impression you’re giving off, btw.

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@poofmonk I agree

Although I do sorta see what you’re saying Waterskier. But hey, if you have the choice between a guy who’s going to treat you like Bush did, or a guy who isn’t and is more likely to make you happy… it’s not surprise he has a ‘cult’ following (which is usually seen a small % of people [so it’s not the right word] even though like 70% of Americans trust Obama, yes even republicans) is it?

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aside from the fact that our voices haven’t been heard in 8 years. I think that entitles us to a little break if we have “cabin fever” and flock to the new guy.

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actually, i just think its funny. there is a radio show that went around interviewing people near where i lived. they asked questions to purposely see if people paid attention to issues. i saw this numerous times. Reporter: “how do you feel about obama selecting palin as his running mate”. Person: “oh, yeah i agree with his choice fully, i think its great”

point being, lots of people dont focus on what actually happens, or dont actually know what goes on.

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@waterskier2007 right, so what’s your point on that?
He got voted in. Live with it.
People didn’t want the same party because it screwed them over.
They voted for the other party.
Makes sense.
But have you also seen the video on youtube where a guy went around asking American’s how many sides a triangle has? (answers ranged from something like 4 to ‘does it even have any sides?’)
Have you ever heard of selection and editing?

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