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Why is WoW still down?

Asked by cage (3117points) January 20th, 2009

They’ve been updating the servers.
They were supposed to finish 2 or 3 hours ago :(
Anyone got an idea?

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Well they’ve obviously encountered technical difficulties. You’d be amazed how often these types of problems happen – this is why I plan for failure now when it comes to server updates etc.

My intuition says the best source for information about this will be the WoW forums.

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Shit happens.

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Feces does occur.

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this is what happens when to many naked night and blood elves simultaneously dance unclothed in orgrimmar and iron forge

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Oh noes, the apocalypse is upon us….

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For your health and safety, you bloody addict.

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To encourage some people to get fresh air?

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The Obamocalypse. Which is to say the higher than usual Internet usage may be delaying them in some way.

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@shilolo you should have answered my earlier question about WoW. Because you clearly think everyone who plays it has no life elsewhere :)

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@cage It’s true. And please don’t impersonate a moderator you naughty boy.

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@cage. I must have missed that one. Just pulling your leg… Though, in my defense, that South Park episode won an Emmy award, and was quite possibly one of the funniest 30 minutes of TV I’ve ever seen.

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Because it’s Tuesday. That always happens. It’s patch day.

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Now don’t rip on the WoWers. If WoW was down when I tried to play it, I’d be good and pissed. Why? Because I don’t play that much. So when I want to play, I want to play. We’re not all addicted :P

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Ahh fuck my Orc was supposed to get his sword of godly lightning today! damn it! Damn you Blizzard!!

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prolly patch day…

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