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My friend is a professional hair colorist but unfortunately she was overbooked today and left bleach in my hair to long and it's falling out. Alot! What do I do?

Asked by missjena (910points) January 20th, 2009 from iPhone

What do I do to prevent more from falling out? I need to try and reverse the damage if possible. Help me

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Try the Britney 2007 look?

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not much you can do hun, sorry.

I’d try a wig, or maybe some rogain (sp?)

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Go back to the stylist and ask her for advice and help. I’d also make her feel really bad.

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Richard’s right. If she did this, she needs to suggest what to do next.

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Umm, I’ve done some Googling for you. It looks like if you just look after your hair over the next few days, it should be okay. Rinse your hair now thoroughly with cool water, pick up some medicated conditioner from the chemist and don’t wash it too much.

I do think you should go tell her to fix it though; she made a boo boo.

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and if you have patches, you can ask her to put in a weave. I know it sounds terrible, but my roommate, who’s been a stylist for over 20 years, uses weave on his thin spots and you could NEVER tell.

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I don’t have any bald spots. If I go back to the stylist they can pit my hair back I googled as well and read keratin and conditioner with protein should help. Anyone go through a similar thing? Is it eventully all gonna fall out? It’s just a lot of strands a lottttttt

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*can’t put the hair back

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you really thought they could just put it back?

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i said CANT put it back hello?

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obviously they can’t put back in hair that fell out, but i think combining richard and poofandmonk’s ideas might be your best bet. make her feel bad, and then get her to put a weave in for free. that way the thinness will be less noticeable until your real hair grows back.

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@missjena: Actually, you said ‘can’.

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@asmonet after that comment did u see the one below it where I wrote * typo Cant put back. Ya see?

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Not when Fluther is acting up on my browser. :) My bad.
Good luck with your hair. :)

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