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Why do some injections hurt like a mother?

Asked by tinyfaery (41593points) January 20th, 2009

I got a tetanus shot yesterday, and today I can’t move my arm without it hurting. I remember this happening when I got my first Hep B vaccination, but it does not happen all the time. What makes some hurt and others not?

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The material being injected, the area of the body injected, sometimes the person can screw up.

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Apparently you are not alone.

No one is quite sure why this is so painful; but it is. Ibuprofen and cold packs will help.

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Because they are shoving a really big piece of metal into your body. Shrapnel hurts for the same reason.

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A needle used for injections is very slender and very sharp. It is the vaccines and reaction to them that cause the discomfort.

Needles used for accupunture do not hurt at all. I’ve had 30 or so stuck in me at a time, and as long as I didn’t move, it was very relaxing.

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Oh,oh,oh!! I got a shot in my head yesterday! In my head! I get nerve block injections about every six weeks. You want to talk about hurting like a mother?? Plus, I got a series of six trigger point injections into muscles in my neck and back in an attempt to stop spasms. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

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@gimmedat ohhhh i got those trigger point injections too!In my neck and lower back, well i used to until recently, i stopped because they hurt too bad and i really didnt feel any relief from them. Isnt it strange how the thing that supposed to relieve discomfort just puts you into wayyyy more pain?

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@gimmie Holy fuck! And that is supposed to stop the pain?

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PAIN = I had to get a shot in the eyeball

Belive me when I say you don’t want to hear about it.

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@DrBill, yuck!

@tinyfaery, supposed to, but hasn’t been too successful.

@uberbatman, yesterday was it for me. I’m not doing the trigger points or the nerve block anymore. I have to find something that works, because getting shot in the head with no appreciable relief is not effective treatment.

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@gimmedat what screwed you up? I got in a car accident and have 5 bulging disks and a pinched nerve. After trying a bunch of different things, chiropractic seems to be actually working the most.

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I don’t know why, but the flu shot always kills my arm for a day or two. Tetanus is bad, too.

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I’ve had 6 Anthrax shots since I’ve been in the military and those are truly nasty immunizations. Besides the very sharp pain for 2 minutes right after the shot and a residual soreness for about a week afterward, you develop a lump under the injection site about the size of an olive which stays for a week also.

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My mother doesn’t hurt.

Sounds like your shots hurt much more than a mother.~

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Depends on the mother.

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I usually notice greater pain when the needle is a bigger diameter and or when it goes into a muscle. Also when it is moved about after insertion.

Or, when an inept ambulance driver is trying to place the IV in route instead of in the drive way.


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@Uber, car accident, also. Disc damage and occipital neuralgia. Fun.

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@gimmedat sucks, doenst it? lol. Hopefully we’ll both make a recovery soon :)

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If the substance being injected into you is thick it will really hurt. Progesterone was thick, went in slow, bruised and hurt like hell.

Daloon, I am a mother and I hurt! I don’t hurt others though.

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Update: 5 days later and my arm still hurts.

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@swfpdx: yes, I find that it is most often true that mothers don’t hurt others. THat’s what I said what I did.

sigh, you just can’t get away with anything around here ;-)

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this was on the side and i wanted to comment

I recall my last tetanus shot. It was October 2006. I’ve always been afraid of needles, scared to death when I’d get my vaccinations. I was 20 and had to get the shot because of an injury.
The nurse stuck it in, pulled it out and said “Oh my god” I look and see blood shooting out all over the place, the nurse is in shock then recovers and has to hold something on my arm very tightly, then makes me do it. We had to wait a while for me to stop gushing. It was traumatic.
I had a giant bruise for weeks, I couldn’t lift my arm, and anything that grazed it made me cry. It hurt more than the injury that prompted the vaccine.
I think it’s the acidity of the vaccine itself. I don’t recall it hurting so badly as a child though. It’s usually given to babies as the dTAP. You’d think they’d have a stronger reaction (well, my son had a painful reaction..)

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