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Guys ten times better at family get togethers?

Asked by ihbh (40points) January 20th, 2009

I have noticed, I don’t know about other girls, but all the teenage guys that have parents who are good friends will my parents are so mature and great to hang out with when everyones having a meal or some sort of festive event. None of them have ever gone to my school so I cant compare them to how they are in school, but the maturity level just goes soaring. I have also had such a good time, eating dinner, them finding something for the young adults to do on our own, and then I think about the night later, or want to do it again soon. Do I like it because I have sort of seen these guys grow so I’m comfortable around them, or is it because they aren’t with all the guys friends and out of the harsh school environment…maybe not looking for any answer, just stories, and maybe anyone else who can agree in feeling some nights with other families are just fantastic.

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Im pretty awesome when Im around my parents and family, all the other times I can be a dick.

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I enjoy the company of most of my friend’s children, but perhaps that’s because we’ve raised our children to have decent manners, and engage in conversation, etc. I’ve always expected mine to behave as if I raised them, or at least in my presence. When young people are among peers, more of a “pack” behavior takes over, and you do stupid things to impress your friends.

It’s good that you see the mature side in them, and appreciate it. There are lots of great guys out there, and even many of the ones at school that seem immature are fine when “thin the herd.” This brings up an interesting observation that my daughter made. She’s dating someone from a similar family background, in terms of parental expectations, parenting style, etc. and she noticed that a lot of little things in the relationship are “easier” than in other relationships because of a common unspoken understanding of expectations of relationship dynamics.

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