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What is the best way to heal a tattoo without fading the color?

Asked by babyscorpio718 (29points) January 21st, 2009 from iPhone

I keep reading so many different stories about ways to heal a tattoo. Just want to ask my fluther friends before I decide to get more work done.

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I’m not a tattoo expert so I’ll let someone else tackle the details, but as far as I’ve learned, doing the following will increase the speed and quality at which your tattoo heals: keep it moisturized with Tattoo Goo or similar gels (the tattoo parlor probably sells or at least can advise you where to get some) do not expose it to the sun or a tanning bed, do not scratch or pick at the tattoo (this is important: picking off the scabs can cause the color to come out, leaving you with a tattoo with colorless spots every here and there), do not get in a pool for at least two weeks – in fact try your hardest to not get the tattoo wet beyond applying an appropriate gel. Once it is healed and the scab is gone, the best way to keep the colors bright and vibrant is to cover it up when out in the sun or at least apply sunblock to the tattoo.

As well, different people do different things, such as putting a bandage on the fresh tattoo versus putting antiseptic gel and saran wrap on the tattoo. Ask your tattoo artist about what he recommends for the healing process.

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When I got mine, I was just told to rub lubriderm lotion on it regularly, don’t scratch or pick, and keep sunscreen on it when outdoors. I was told specifically to not bandage it beyond the first day and not use things like neosporin on it. Just Lubriderm lotion frequently for several weeks.

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I agree with dyna.

My ex was told not to use lotion on his – that gel is better for keeping the color. He used lotion anyway, and now his red manly tattoo (which covers his entire upper back with letters) is pink. Sucks for him.

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I have many, many tattoos, and they all still look great. I always use Lubriderm.

Always let it dry completely before applying a lubricant. Do not scratch. Stay out of the sun once it heals.

Oh, and color tats usually need a touch-up. Your artist should provide this for free.

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Get a tattoo in the summer. My tattoo artist told me that tattoos heal faster and better in the warm weather. When I got my tattoo, I used A+D ointment on it until it stopped peeling and I had saran wrap over it until I stopped using A+D, then I switched over to the lubriderm (no added colors or scents) and my tattoo came out beautifully.

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A+D ointment or Neosporin is good. I always use sunscreen on my tats when I go out in the sun just to be safe.

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Aquaphor is AMAZINGLY great for healing tattoos as it’s mostly made of water anyways, The trick is providing a THIN layer of lubricant so that the tattoo stays moist but the water/wetness doesn’t saturate the skin and drown out some of the ink.

Of course, wash it with NON-scented ANTI-BACTERIAL soap before you apply a new layer of lubricant. You need to wash it about 3 times a day just to be safe from infection. Of course, NEVER scratch or pick for about 2 weeks so that the tattoo has time to fully heal.

It’s true, most color tattoos need a slight touchup because the color, reds, yellows and other bright colors mostly, fades and can fade differently throughout the tattoo and if it happens to draw itself out, it’s more noticeable than shadings and other darker colors. No matter what, it will fade a little. That top layer of the epidermis will grow over it and the ink will appear to be darker no matter how many times you get it touched up.

Some spots don’t hold ink as well as others either. Wrists, elbows and other joints are tough because there is a constant pushing and pulling during the entire healing process and it causes some of the ink to work its way out. My wrists have been done about three times when getting others touched up and they are still a little spotty.

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