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Do you know how a toilet works?

Asked by LostInParadise (23611points) January 21st, 2009

I got curious about this when doing a flusher replacement and came upon this site:
which I offer as part of my continuing education series. It really is kind of neat and should be known by everyone. The actual flushing action requires no moving parts and just works by siphon action.

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Yes, I know. ;)

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i just drop my nugget, and hope the toilet chugs it.

dynamicduo's avatar is a great website. I’ve spent lots of time learning how things work. Another great exploratory-style entertainment is the Discovery network television show How It’s Made which shows the entire manufacturing process for tons of items we see and use everyday. I highly recommend that show to anyone with a curious mind :)

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@dynamicduo I LOVE that show. It reminds me of my favorite book when I was growing up… The Way Things Work by David Macaulay.

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Sometimes I have How It’s Made marathons all by myself while I take apart my camera or computer. It’s win.

@andrew: I remember that book, I think my mom sold it at the garage sale. Now I’m sad. Meanie.

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I have another fun fact to report! Discovery Channel offers a lot of their programming free on their website here, and sure enough How It’s Made is part of it! I’m not sure if it’s region locked to Canada-only, so if anyone in America or elsewhere in the world can try it out, I’d love to know so as to recommend it or not in the future!

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Everything related to flushing, works based on fliud dynamics.When you flush the toilet,the water stored in the flush tank is released and the gravity head(height) of the water makes it’s potential enegy converted to it’s kinetic energy which adds to it’s speed.Again they are made to pass through small outlets which makes the water hit the surface with higher velocity along with pressure.This results in a whirlpool action in the toilet and it tries to rush out of any outlet that’s at the bottom .The outlet is just above the bottom part of the toilet and all the waste is discharged to it to the sewer.

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