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What do you call coffee mixed with hot chocolate?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9635points) January 21st, 2009 from iPhone

Not a mocha, just coffee and hot chocolate. I’ve noticed that lots of people have different names for this and can’t remember what it was called at my old coffeeshop haunt.

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I call it homemade mocha.
Because really, that’s the closest thing I can get to a mocha when I make coffee at home.
It’s certainly no Starbucks, but hey, it works.

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I call it delicious.

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it’s called a poor man’s mocha. And it’s delicious, I have them daily now =)

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I think the trick is to use darker hot chocolate mix.

I find that using some milk chocolate, super sweet stuff (like some forms of Swiss Miss) doesn’t taste very good. Maybe that’s just me. I like to use dark hot chocolate mix and add sugar/Splenda to taste.

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I’ve created this for myself at the 7/11 self-serve coffee counter.

Large cup, a little coffee, a little blast of hot chocolate from the machine, some cream, maybe a marshmallow and instant yummy on the cheap.

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omigosh, I do the exact same thing!
Last time I went to a 7/11 though they had this “snickerdoodle cappucino” and I simply couldn’t resist!

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I call it good, and with a shake of peppermint schnapps it’s really really good.

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@seekingwolf: I’d rather do this than spend $4.00 at StarBucks. Have you found the counter folk giving you the eyeball as you mix and match from the coffee counter?

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Occasionally. But I know I’m okay doing it. At the 7/11s I go to the coffee and cappuccino are priced the same so I am free to mix and match. Perhaps they are just weirded out or something.
More people should try it though! They are missing out!

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Yuch! hate hot chocolate. I like decaf coffee with nothing in it. Rarely, I will add a touch of cream.

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I just made the same thing and was trying to remember what it’s called. I mixed one bag of Swiss Miss, Starbuck’s home made coffee, and splenda and it is DELICIOUS!

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My hubby calls it a Cadillac. :)

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