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Words getting stuck in your head?

Asked by nebule (16446points) January 21st, 2009

You know like how you get songs stuck in your head… does anyone experience this with specific words too… i have “eponymous” stuck in mine at the moment and i keep saying it over and over and over in my head.
Do you get this?
Why does this happen do you think?
What’s going on in one’s brain when this occurs?

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I have little sayings which are usually just words, current faves… Spongey, plas-wyn, fuckademus, rip-it, titscreamy, I say, so on and so on. Most of these words have a history for me and would mean nothing to anyone else. Why does it happen? i’ve no idea.

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Sometimes this happens to me when I think a word sounds funny – and not just the usual words – basic words. I start to repeat them over and over in my head and the more I do, the weirder they sound.

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Nope, just music.

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Yes, I know what you mean. To me it’s like the infatuation with a new tool; there’s a feeling of empowerment- of being able to do something more easily or elegantly now that this tool is in my possession. I want to hold the tool, turn it over in my hands and feel the heft of it, fiddle with it’s adjustments, so that when I get a chance to use it my hands will already know the feel of it.

My brain does the same thing with words, getting intimate with their sounds and syntax by turning them over and over all by themselves, so that my tongue can effortlessly reach for them when they’re just what’s needed.

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Sometimes! I had the word “fabulous” stuck in my head yesterday and I kept using it sarcastically! Mostly just music though. I’ve got “Here You Come Again” playing in there right now, although I have no idea why!

I suspect that some part of if brain really enjoys trying to torture me!

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I have a mental lock on the word/number ‘1200’. It relates to something that happened when I was playing poker and I began to realise I could make quite a bit of money out of it as my bankroll passed £1200.

That incident was over 3 years ago and although its nowhere near as frequent as it used to be it’s most definitely still in there and pops out every now and again. And now I’ve consciously reminded myself of it it will probably happen more often again.

It really pisses me off actually and I put it down to a complete brain fritz.

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I get these too! I call them “word tics.’ It can either be a word or a phrase that just keeps going through my brain over and over and it almost feels like a compulsion to say it, it feels good when I do, and I can’t let it go until it’s naturally run its course. I have a friend who’s actually got it way worse than me though. It’s really quite funny to hear whatever word he’s stuck on, because they’re so random and he can’t stop trying to work them into sentences.

I can get these daily or weekly, but the last one ‘big’ one I had, ”Reeperbahn” lasted at least a month, and I’m worried that I’m going to resurrect it by just typing it.

I’ve tried to think about why this keeps happening, with songs too, and I think I’ve just chalked it up to the brain’s version of a record skipping. You’ve reinvigorated my interest, though!

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Yeah, sometimes phrases.
Right now:

“Don’t be sad Pater, dat’s why dey call eet shpoople!”

And the Macarena.

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I get words stuck in my head sometimes that are normal every day words but suddenly sound totally ridiculous.

I read an article about music getting stuck in your head and (if I recall correctly) it has something to do with trying to resolve the music or lyrics. So, if you don’t know all of the words or the tune your brain keeps running it until it can resolve it to some satisfactory conclusion.

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Songs get stuck in my head. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t.

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90’s music, right?

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Yep, it happens to me, too. I just take it as further evidence that I am clearly deranged ;)

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Todays word: plasma!

Don’t ask. I have no idea!

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I get onomatopoeia stuck quite a lot…maybe that’s my favourite word though

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today’s word: rural. say it out loud. you’ll sound ridiculous.

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yeah, 90’s
I hate most new milennium pop crap like “OMG MILEY CIRUS!”
What a bout BILL RAY Cirus?

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I’ve had the word “cheese” stuck in my head for 2 days. I am now thoroughly convinced that I am completely insane.

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yes, yes you are xx lol , love ya xxx

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I’m glad we got that settled! Lol!!!

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Mmmmm… cheese is good.

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Unable to answer this, as I have the same problem. I get a word stuck in my brain, then have to say it out loud to get it out, and I don’t make any sense when I do.

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