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I believe a dishonest car mechanic didn't replace my fuel pump. Is there a way to tell if the pump is new?

Asked by Samson (6points) January 21st, 2009

I had my car towed to the nearest garage after it stalled out thinking it was probably something minor.

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What makes you think he didn’t do the work he said he did?

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It’s a good idea to always ask for the old part or at least see it, though not necessarily a guarantee that it came from your car, it helps.

If it’s an in tank fuel pump it would be hard to tell, other than the new one may not be OEM.

On the block fuel pump, should be shiny new with no scratches, also should have new clamps and possibly new hoses with it. But again, no guarantee

Sorry, wish I could help more..

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when you say youre car stalled, what do you mean…. because if its what i think it is, then you didnt get ripped with the pump, you got ripped for the entire transaction.

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If you replaced the pump because it failed then the fact that your car ran after the installation means he must have put a pump on.

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Take it to another mechanic.

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cak, he started the car then shut it off saying there’s definitely something wrong. It had stalled but he was able to start it. He insisted I go home right away then called first thing in the morning to say the job was done.

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Have another mechanic look at it – even my mechanic husband say that, as well as others on this DB. Was it close to closing time – is there a reason he “shooed” you out of there?

Like any other profession, there are risks that you will find someone less than honest, but, he may have fixed it – just not until the next morning.

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