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Would you sacrifice your own life to save President Obama's?

Asked by ben (8467points) January 21st, 2009

I thought about this yesterday while watching the inauguration. I found it tough to answer…

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That is a tough question, but most likely, yeah I would. He could probably do more good for people than I could.

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As much as I support him, no. My life is worth too much to me.

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No I wouldn’t. That might sound selfish, but I have three little boys who depend on me to be their mom, family, it is all about family.

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In a heartbeat. I’ve thought about it before, at length. I’m young and my only real commitments are to my friends and family. In the choice between him and me? Obama.

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In a theoretical way, yes. He will have a much broader impact on the world than I ever could. In the real world though, I have 3 children – so no. If that weren’t the case, I’d be happy to do it. I doubt there are very many mothers in the secret service!

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@SuperMouse That’s not selfish at all. That’s responsible. When my own children depended on me for life and nurture, there is no way I would have sacrificed myself for anyone but them or my immediate loved ones.

Now that that is not the case, my answer is still probably ‘no’.

This sort of begs the question “Is there anyone in public life that is so important to the world that you would sacrifice your life to save theirs?”

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No.. that’s what the secret service guys are for.

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@scamp But the secret service guys won’t even take a shoe for the president!

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I would only sacrifice my life for my children. I see big things in the future for them.
I can’t leave out my husband. He’s a wonderful dad and they would be lost without him.

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Obama is a tardy, but well-needed change. Still, he’s just one man among many men and women who I would be perfectly happy if they were in the oval office. He is not the world’s savior, although that is what is expected of him. Even if he were, I would not lose my life for him, and I don’t believe he’d want me to. I, too, have children I am responsible for, but also work that I have to get done. This work will also benefit the world.

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@Grisson Good point! But then again, neither would I.

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@Grisson His press secretary took a shoe for him though!

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No. Maybe if he was in a burning car or house I would try but I wouldn’t jump in front of a bullet for him. My family I would.

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Hell no! That’s definitely something I dont have to think twice about. If he’s meant to die so be it who ever is down for that Is a fool. I hope they don’t have a family because then they’re really stupid.

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No but I would for my wife and daughters.

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No, of course not. I would for my wife, children, and grandchildren, but who wouldn’t?

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As much as I like him, he has not earned it yet!
Ask me again in few quarters.

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Absolutely not!
I don’t think I have anyone that I give my life for. Not even my family, nor my boyfriend.
I wouldn’t expect anyone to do the same for me either.

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No, but that’s probably why I’m not Secret Service.

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No. There are people who get paid to do that very thing.

And if Dubya’s own secret service wouldn’t even take a shoe for the man, what does that say about him? HAH!

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No, I wouldn’t, either. I’m very glad that he’s President now, and I see him trying very hard to make much needed changes in this country, but I do not love him. I love my family and my friends and those actually close to me. For them, I would give up my life. For all I know, they may somehow, in one way or another, do something great for the world, just as Obama will try.

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There are different answers. If you are in a situation where it is a matter of throwing yourself in the path of danger, it would be a reflexive action and nobody knows what they would do. If you have to stop and think it would probably be moot.

However if you knew about a planned assassination and by telling, your life might be in danger-I know I would tell.

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We get just one shot at life, so for each of us life is of infinite value. If you have children then they and their descendants are an extension of your life, the closet one can get to immortality, and so they may be worth sacrificing one’s life for.

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I’d do it for Randolph Scott.

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I’m old and I’d do it.

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The front cover of February’s San Francisco magazine has a large head shot of a grinning Obama and the headline “Democracy: the upgrade.”

I honestly don’t know what I would do in a moment of extreme danger. I don’t think anyone does but someone who is totally trained for it. That’s why those moments tend to bring out the truth of one’s character.

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No I did not even vote for him.

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I’d do it, but not because he’s president, I couldn’t care less about that, but because he has family and I do not – I would give my life for any parent.

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So, @ben, you’ve had a year to think about it now. Would you?

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Honestly, I think I would always have trouble sacrificing my own life for someone other than a direct offspring. So: no.

Of course, for most Obama doesn’t seem the superhero he did a year ago, so it’s interesting to revisit this question. That being said, I still think he’s done a great job in a tough situation (and congress is to blame for most of our discontent).

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Not only no, but HELL no!

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After much thought and soul-searching, I have changed my mind. Yes, I would sacrifice my own life to save his.

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