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What style jeans do you wear and what do you think that says about you?

Asked by wundayatta (58663points) January 21st, 2009

I generally wear fairly loose, roomy jeans. They always tend to be a little too long, since I have short legs, and they don’t seem to make them in my size. I don’t care whether they are faded or not. They are always blue, never any other color. Never skin-tight, either. I am not a rock star!

In fact, that’s sort of what I think my jeans say: not this and not that; just an ordinary joe (although not of the plumbing kind). I don’t stand out. I don’t look hot or anything like that (although once someone told me I had a “cute butt,” a description that I was disinclined to believe). Jeans are what I wear when I’m not a work, and it’s not summer. I live in them. If my jeans were a house, they would have Levittown written all over them.

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I wear whatever’s on sale. That say’s I’m cheap and spend all my money on drugs.

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I pretty much will only wear Lee’s. They used to make the slim fit, but now everything is what I call clown pants. I don’t like baggy at all. The flared bottoms are back & I don’t like that either! So I buy my size & sew the outside seams up on the legs. I have a commercial stitch setting on my sewing machine & I have it down to a science on how to sew them that they FIT.

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i wear boot cut, but i’m slowing approaching the age where regular fit is becoming appropriate.

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Levis straight leg jeans. It says I have no fashion sense and could care less.

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bootcut, which says i have a big butt and big thighs :-(

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I like to wear ones which are tight around the crotch and bum area.
I think it says my head is enormous.

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Mostly I wear Levi’s, but I have all kinds of jeans. I guess that says that I know what I like but I’m open to other options.

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Usually skinny jeans. I have a pair or two of regular flare like jeans. not sure what it means!

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I wear a lot of different styles. Skinny, flares, boot-cut, straight… I just like jeans a lot. Variety is the spice of life! For clothes or otherwise. :)

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I wear Levi’s 501s. Old school (1872).

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boot cut skinny(ish) jeans

i think it says that i prefer to buy my jeans at american eagle and old navy more than anywhere else really…

still trying to figure out what my really dark jeans go with though, have yet to wear something that actually matches them

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I am living in the tropics, it is too damned hot to wear jeans and I miss them!

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6 months ago and still: traditional cut with all-stars gym shoes
1 year ago: boot cut
4 years ago: painters
10 years ago: baggy and saggy
20 years ago: traditional straight cut.

guess i go with the flow no matter how old i am. but i wear what i wear as far as jeans because, well, i can.

i still get carded and i’m 44 years old.

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Straight leg low- or mid-riders with any kind of shoes or boots. I do have a couple of pairs of flares. Citizens of Humanity jeans fit best, and then Diesels. Gap jeans are kind of block-y and square shaped. I’m short, short-waisted, long-legged for my height and curvy. Regular jeans aren’t cut right to flatter me.

It says that, for better or worse, I care about how fat my clothes make me look.

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I only wear boot-cut, I used to wear jeans all the time, now I only have one pair. :)
So, I’m a minimalist?

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I can’t stand jeans. I only own like 7 pairs. When I DO wear them though I usually like to wear skinny jeans, or bootcut jeans, dark wash skinny, and medium wash destroyed boot-cuts. No holes though, just scuffs on the boot-cut ones. The only thing I think my taste in jeans says about me would have to be I like comfortable, and do not like feeling restrained which is why I usually prefer sweats. But not too baggy sweatpants I don’t like to look like a slob :P

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@desiree333 – How funny! That’s why the designer jeans company is called 7 For All Mankind, because on average, a person in the US owns 7 pairs of jeans. (I have 9.)

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I like dark blue, but not black jeans and also light blue jeans. I hate the ripped ones, though. I like bootcuts and loose, never regular (though I like regular).

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@aprilsimmel, haha what a coincidence :P

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I love jeans. I have so many pairs, all different styles. You can dress them up or down.
What does it say about me? I love changing my style, I love fashion. I feel good knowing I look good.

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I have way too many jeans.—> I am a jean whore.
The colour, grain and cut vary.—> I like different things.
I have designer jeans.—> I’m aware of fashion designer jeans.
My two favourite jeans were under $2 each.—> Money doesn’t dictate what I like.
Despite having so many, I keep wearing the same 4 or 5.—> I’m a creature of habit.
I wear an older baggy pair to work.—> Comfort and safety are more important at work.
Some have paint on them.—> I’m messy.
Some of them have holes in them.—> I’m accident-prone.
Many show wear on the back right pocket.—> I have a Costanza wallet.
Most show a bit of wear on the back heel.—> I’m short.
Yet the longer ones do not.—> I’m a girl.

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I had a sweet pair of bellbottom jeans that were super awesome. Nowadays though I’ve been wearing a lot of yoga pants, they’re just so comfy!

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skinny jeans, because im want to be a clothing designer when im older…so the really bring out my fly ass kicks.

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@desiree333: you can’t stand them and you own seven pairs? Truly a first-world problem.

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I am a very odd size, and most jeans don’t fit me well. After years of trying on every damn jean I could find, I hit upon what works best for me: men’s Levis 501s. Still not perfect, but the best I can do. Medium to light wash. I do own 1 pair of dark wash boot cut jeans from Eddie Bauer so I can dress up my look a bit. They don’t fit nearly as well.

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@pupintaco, yeah I just acumalated them over a year or so. If you think I have lots of jeans, you would probably be even more surprised to know how many pairs of sweatpants and yoga pants I own. Dont even ask me to count btw :P

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Skinny jeans, because I like my legs and skinny jeans accentuate them. They’re perfect for casual days or for going out. I can throw on a pair of heels and know I look good. And when I feel hot, I exude confidence, which is something I’ve come to find that guys like a lot.

So that’s a big hell yeah for skinny jeans!

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Used to love boot cut, but now relaxed fit is much more comfortable. Jeans are what I wear whenever I can get away with it. Newer jeans are for dress, older jeans are for work. Shorts are usually cut-off jeans.

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i hate wearing pants. i think that says i’m tacky or i’m part of improv everywhere.

when i do wear pants, i tend to either wear baggy-ish jeans like this (which means i’m lazy – and i won’t debate that one).
or skinny-ish jeans, which obviously means i’m hip~

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Low or very low rise skinny or stovepipe jeans.

They say im capable of fitting in them.

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I tend to stick with Levi’s or Wranglers. 20 years ago I could get by with straight leg or boot cut especially if I was wearing boots (I was in Texas, after all). Now I usually look for a relaxed fit. 40 years ago I wore a 32/32. Now, at 61, I wear a 38/32

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SKINNY JEANS!!!!!! I love the tight fit. But I’m pretty thin so most of my skinny jeans don’t look that skinny. Also I’m tall so it can be tough finding jeans in the right size… :(

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